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WebPagetest 2.3


From SVN (requires a client that can follow externals references for files): svn co

Changes from WebPagetest 2.2:

Web Server

  • Show Slow integration (beacons results of public tests to a private Show Slow Install)
  • Waterfall thumbnail code rewritten - MUCH faster and requires much less server resources
  • Support for running on web servers without rewrite capabilities (rewrite detected automatically)
  • Nginx rewrite rules added (see readme.nginx)
  • Traceroute tab added to the main testing screen
  • Changes to the grading:
    • Combine CSS/JS removed
    • CDN check changed to a check, not a grade
    • First byte time grade added
  • Several improvements to the bulk testing:
    • You can label individual URLs
    • You can specify variations that will be applied to each URL in the list (with a label for each)
    • You can bulk-cancel (all pending tests for a bulk test)
    • You can download a combined CSV with all of the test data
    • You can submit multiple scripts to be run
  • Added support for viewing the contents of the script for a test on the results page (owner only)
  • Added the connectivity information to the results pages
  • Software version of agent code is now displayed on /getTesters.php
  • Several fixes to the XML escaping for xmlResult/*
  • Updated the video player to the most recent version of flowplayer

Test Agent

  • Improved Chrome agent:
    • Page end is now detected significantly more reliably
    • Significant fixes to tracking the data sent/received from Chrome
    • Scripting support added for multi-page navigation, DNS override and javascript execution
  • Added support for tracking the time until the page title was updated
  • Several disk space improvements:
    • Reduced the quality of the saved video frames (from 75 to 30) as well as the resolution - uses 1/4 the disk space
    • Reduced the size of the screen shots for the fully loaded screen shot to match the other screen shots
  • Fixed bugs with clearing localStorage (it wasn't)
  • Fixed the dynaTrace integration (no longer requires environment variables, just the path to the executable in the ini file)
  • Added support for synchronizing the agent clocks with the web server if they are more than 1 minute out of sync