WebPagetest 2.2


From SVN (requires a client that can follow externals references for files): svn co https://webpagetest.googlecode.com/svn/tags/webpagetest/2.2/

Changes from WebPagetest 2.1:

Web Server

  • Added Above-the-Fold Time measurement (AFT)
  • Added support for overriding the site css using an override file in the settings folder (sample provided)
  • Fixed an issue where the selection validation in the visual comparison was including the "slow" checkbox as a selected test in it's calculations
  • Added support for displaying times in the user's local time zone (and locale)
  • Moved the Page Speed results display to use a sharable/embeddable widget
  • Added some fields to the XML result (location, connectivity, date, testId, testUrl)
  • Moved the advanced settings that used to be above the tabs to be on the first tab of options
  • Changed the test progress page to use a smaller graphic and incorporate support for displaying quick tips and tricks
  • Added a meta-refresh to the XSL versions of the location backlog and tester check pages so they auto-refresh
  • Added a new metric for tracking the complexity of pages (DOM Element count)
  • Made some pretty significant improvements to the video comparison that now lets you specify if you want the comparison to end at Doc Complete, Fully loaded, the last visual change captured or AFT (or an explicit time if you manually tweak the URL). It also now uploads all of the video captured from the agent so that you can show video past the test end point if needed. Finally, you can specify all of these options on a per-test bases on the URL itself
  • Added support for URL substitution in scripts (primarily to support bulk testing with the same script against multiple urls)
  • Changed the waterfall thumbnail images to be palletized png's to reduce the transfer size (by half)
  • Changed the fully loaded screen shot to use css to fit on the page instead of dynamically generating a new image using the thumbnail code
  • Changed the summary result page to only show the pie charts when the test is complete
  • Added a rewrite rule to allow for direct access to the progress.csv files (which are now gzipped so they need to go through the fetcher)
  • Added the Page Speed library version to the results (and score display) to avoid comparisons across different releases

Test Agent

  • Added support for Google Chrome
  • Added Above-the-Fold Time measurement (AFT)
  • Changed the defaults settings for timeout and startup delay to make them more reasonable defaults (and not require them to be set in urlblast.ini)
  • Added a shared mutex to prevent Chrome and IE from running tests at the same time (lets them co-exist on a single machine)
  • Fixed an issue where pagetest would still calculate optimizations even when data wasn't being logged
  • Added support for recognizing deflate in addition to gzip for the text compression optimization check
  • Fixed the bandwidth reporting based on the work we did in Chrome (calculations were off previously and reporting values higher than reality)
  • Fixed the case where the fully loaded time could be less than document complete
  • Added support for custom headers (addHeader, setHeader, resetHeaders script commands)
  • Removed the gzip checks from Pagespeed for https resources (since wininet strips the header)
  • Added a new metric for tracking the complexity of pages (DOM Element count)
  • Fixed an issue with pagetest.exe and IE9 where the embedded IE9 would run in IE7 compatibility mode
  • Added some code to disable windows defender and security center. Defender was sometimes going into CPU sucking rounds on some of the test machines (not finding anything, just slowing down the tests)