WebPagetest 2.11


From SVN (requires a client that can follow externals references for files): svn co https://webpagetest.googlecode.com/svn/tags/webpagetest/2.11/

Changes from WebPagetest 2.10:

Web Server

  • Added support for emulated mobile testing (requires Chrome agent).
  • Added support for sharding an individual test across multiple test machines (if there are multiple runs for the test and there are multiple machines supporting a given location).
  • Added support for using beanstalkd for the test work queues for high-volume servers.
  • Updated video encoder and video player for more consistent video playback and seeking (particularly re-playing an existing video).
  • Added logic to remember the browser, location and connectivity selected so it doesn't reset as you navigate with the back button or as you change locations.
  • Updated the 3G profile to be a more-realistic 1.6 Mbps/768 Kbps, 300ms RTT.
  • Changed the default bandwidth to be Cable instead of DSL.
  • Added support for selecting the mime-colored waterfalls in the custom waterfall UI.
  • Fixed some issues around reporting of failed HTTPS requests from Chrome.
  • JSON Support added to the RESTful API.
  • HTTP Headers for each request added to the REST API's.
  • Enhancements to support the NodeJS test agents for Chrome, Chrome Mobile and Mobile Safari (still alpha-level).
  • Removed the Above-the-fold testing support (Speed Index works much better).

Test Agent

  • wptdriver:
    • Added support for emulated mobile testing (Chrome).
    • Added support for recording Chrome traffic that is sent over a SPDY or HTTPS proxy.
    • Added support for ignoring ssl certificate errors in Firefox.
    • Fixed support for testing IE 10 on Windows 7 x64.
    • Added support for pulling a wptdriver-specific location from the EC2 user data string.
  • URLBlast (legacy IE testing):
    • No significant changes.
  • Improvements common to both agents:
    • Added support for capturing Speed Index through paint rects (eliminating the need to capture video).
    • Fixed the blocking of IE updates.
    • Added support for higher resolutions at 15 or 16bpp if it is supported. This allows for 1280x1024 testing on EC2.
    • Made clearing of the OS certificate caches optional.
    • Added support for detecting when "Connection: keep-alive, close" is used and don't treat that as a keep-alive.