WebPagetest 2.1


From SVN (requires a client that can follow externals references for files): svn co https://webpagetest.googlecode.com/svn/tags/webpagetest/2.1.1/

Changes from WebPagetest 2.0:

Web Server

  • Added support for dynaTrace test agents
  • Removed Stickr and AddThis
  • Changed the work processing to always process tests in the order they were submitted
  • Removed file-based thumbnail caching
  • Added individual tester traching (/getTesters.php)
  • Added status tracking so users can see how many tests are ahead of theirs in the test queue
  • Added bulk testing and reporting capabilities
  • Added support for automatically recovering tests that don't successfully complete
  • Added support for entering tabs directly into the script field
  • Text result files are now stored compressed
  • Moved specifying of the browser to use from the local test machine to the server (browserExe in locations.ini)
  • Added medians to the XML interface
  • Added an additional layer to the test ID and directory structure to increase the max number of tests possible in a given day
  • Added support for gathering tcpdump captures from the test agents
  • Added support for running a traceroute from test agents (/traceroute.php)
  • Added support for API keys
  • Added support for re-running a given test
  • Added support for forcing the videos to end at a specific time (or doc complete) and moved the timer to below each video
  • Changed the optimization report to generate dynamically instead of using the text-based report generated from the testers
  • Added support for canceling tests (by the user that originally submitted a test)
  • Removed the need to specify the localDir in locations.ini and generate the work queue directory automatically
  • Moved all of the frequently accessed temporary files to a /tmp folder (locks and tester information)

Test Agent

  • Tweaks to work with IE9
  • Added several CDNs to the list of known CDNs
  • Added support for integrating with dynaTrace Ajax Edition
  • Added logic to set the screen resolution automatically if it is too low
  • Updated Page Speed SDK to 1.9
  • Added support for wildcard DNS override
  • Fixed bugs related to talking to the server on a port other than 80
  • Added automatic configuration for EC2 instances
  • Added initial support for the window.webpagetest DOM element
  • Added support for combining multiple script steps together into a single step (combineSteps command)
  • Added tcpdump support (WinPCap)
  • Added traceroute support
  • Removed the PNG checks from the Image optimization checking (until we can integrate Page Speed's logic)