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      The Social Work Program is housed in the Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences of MacMurray College. It is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE).  The Program has been continually accredited since 1995.  Accreditation ensures that the program of study meets or exceeds the curriculum standards, quality of instruction, faculty qualifications, integrity and level of professional competencies required by the Commission.

      Located in lovely Jacksonville, Illinois, the Mac BSW Social Work Program is the most affordable accredited BSW program at a private college in the State of Illinois outside of the Chicago area. 


      We are committed to Transforming Lives, as we Cherish Tradition, Embrace Innovation, and Nurture Community. MacMurray College transforms students' lives by providing a career-directed liberal arts education, preparing students for personal and professional success and life-long learning. We educate students to be critical thinkers and effective communicators who are knowledgeable about pivotal ideas and ethical insights that have shaped human civilizations and who can apply this knowledge to contemporary social problems and their chosen fields of study.

      A Note on Accreditation and Public Reporting:

      June 12, 2012

      To Deans and Directors of CSWE Accredited Social Work Program

      Dear Colleagues:

      Recently CHEA modified its expectations regarding reporting of assessment findings. The new requirements include the obligation that programs make assessment findings public and do so on a routine basis...In the updated AS 4.0.4 we specify that to fulfill the requirement to make findings public, we are asking programs to post them on their websites.

      We are asking that all programs accredited by CSWE comply with this new requirement on or before January 1, 2013.

      You will find MacMurray College Social Work's Assessment of Competencies attached below.

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