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The 2017 Membership forms are here!!!
Find Membership forms and more information here: Membership Paperwork
This document contains the needed requirements to become a member of the Webfooter Water Ski Show Team.  Webfooter Membership dues are comprised of three components:
1.      USA Water Ski membership.
Every Webfooter member needs to go online to either join or renew their own membership.  This needs to be done BEFORE indoor practices start.
Here are the steps needed to join or renew:
·         Click on ‘Membership Services’
·         Choose ‘Join USA Water Ski’ or ‘Renew Your Membership Online’ and go through the steps.
·         Remember to choose ‘active member’.   
·         When you are asked to choose what category you ski in, you need to choose NSS or show skiing as your primary choice.  There is an option to choose a secondary category which you can do, but show skiing or NSS needs to be your first choice.
·         Please print a temporary copy of your card and hand it into Brenda Alberts.  Your official card will be sent to you in the mail.
·         When you are registering more than one family member, you must register the primary person first (mom, dad, ECT…), pay for the membership, and then go back and add the remaining family members.  Remember everyone has to be registered as an ACTIVE member. Please include all family members when you are registering, even if they do not plan on skiing.  There is no additional cost to do this and then if they decide to participate in any of our activities throughout the year, they can.  This includes babies !
·         Dues need to be paid at the time of registration.
USA Water Ski dues are as follows:
Individual under 25:  $50.00
Individual 25 or older: $80.00
Family rate: $175.00.  This includes up to 6 family members living at the same address; children age 17 or under.
2.      Wisconsin Water Ski Federation (WWSF)
Everyone is also required to join or renew their own WWSF membership this year. This needs to be completed by May 1st or before we go in the water for the year. The directions to renew are as follows:
·         On the upper right hand of the screen, log in with your email address and then choose to change your password.  They will send you a confirmation email. 
·         Click on ‘membership’ on the left hand side of the screen.
·         Click on ‘edit member profile’
·         Your name and information will show up.  Choose to renew for 2012 and go through the steps for billing.
·         If you are a new member, start from #1 and set up a new account. If you are a new member signing up a family, you enter the head of household first and complete everything except billing, then go back and add more members.
·          You need to be sure of 2 things: The ‘club affiliation’ you choose is “Webfooters” and your ‘primary division’ and ‘secondary division’ are both ‘show skiing’.
WWSF fees are as follows:
Individual: $15
Family: $30  (A family can be 1 adult guardian and up to 11 children under the age of 18 or 2 married adults and up to 10 children under the age of 18.)
Lifetime Membership: $200 over age 55 or $250 under the age of 55.
3.      Webfooter club dues. (The Webfooter club dues will be waived for the first year of membership. Therefore, if you are a new member, you do not need to pay these dues until next year.)
The entire dues structure has changed for the 2017 season based on changes we needed to make following our tax audit. Membership dues will now be $25 per person, for both skiing and non-skiing members.  In addition to the club dues of $25, each person or family will be required to complete a number of volunteer service hours.  If these hours are not completed before state of 2018, the member will not be allowed to participate at state for 2018.
The volunteer service hour requirements will be revealed after the fundraising opportunities for the Webfooters for 2017 have been decided. 

Each member will pay the $25 fee will no deductions accepted. Our club cannot operate and continue to be in existence on this small amount so massive fundraising efforts must be done. If the member does not complete the required fundraising efforts, there will be a buyout fee accepted. This fee will be determined after the fundraising opportunities are decided. After that, the operating budget for the Webfooters can be determined and we will know how much each member needs to contribute.

 2017 Webfooter Dues Payment Structure

·         Dues Payment Schedule

Ø Pay BEFORE March 12th (Prior to end of Indoor PRactice)

§  Receive a Free 2017 Webfooter Theme T-Shirt

Ø Pay Between March 12th and MAy 1st

Regular $25 per person dues apply


Penalty Assessed:
§  $10 Per Week Late Penalty
Payment Plans must be set up with Brenda Alberts, Membership Director, prior to May 1st.
* A signed agreement letter must be submitted to the Treasurer prior to May 1st.
* All payments must be paid to the Treasurer before the 1st of each Month (May, June, July and August)
- A late-fee penalty of $10/week is assessed and payable at time of current month’s payment after the 1st of each month. 


If you have any questions, please contact the Webfooter membership director, Brenda Alberts, at or 920-851-4126/ 920-446-3181.