About Us

Who are the Webfooters?

The Webfooters Water Show Team, or Webfooters, is a not-for-profit amateur ski show team organized exclusively for the purpose of educating youth in the appropriate techniques, rules, regulations and safety considerations for water skiing and boating.

An additional benefit of this effort is that the Webfooters instill in its members a broad range of positive character traits.   These include self-confidence, initiative, teamwork, accountability, dependability,sportsmanship, and civic and community responsibility.
Because of the breadth of on-land and on-water activities, members can equally participate regardless of skiing ability or desire to ski.
The team performs free water ski shows for the public during the summer.  Free shows provide a captivating spectator sport for the enjoyment of everyone in the community, and helps promote safe waterskiing and responsible utilization of the water resources in our area.
The Webfooters would greatly appreciate your contribution to our organization.   Under the internal Revenue Service guidelines, the amount of your contribution may be tax deductible.

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