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SS Webfooters Present Shipwrecked 2015

While fishing, Carl and his nephew Conner, get caught in a horrific storm. Once they finally come to after being tossed about in their small dingy, they find themselves, washed ashore on an uncharted desert island. Although unsure of where exactly they set aground, they quickly discover two iconic hats. One was a mighty sailor’s hat and the other belonged to a Skipper. Carl instantly knew that they had landed on Gilligan’s Island! Conner, being young and curious, and never before hearing the tales of Gilligan’s Island, quickly experiences the quirks and mysteries this historic island holds.


As they begin trying to find a way off the island, Carl & Conner encounter a tribe of Webfooters who draw them deeper into the island with their unique pyramid climbing abilities, amazing barefoot tricks, mind blowing jumps and of course the mesmerizing tribal women. As the Webfooters entrance Carl & Conner, they also draw their spectators into their world for an enticing 60 minutes. On the shores of downtown Fremont, every Sunday and Wednesday at 6:00pm, bring your family for an exciting free water ski show and get lost on Gilligan’s Island with the Webfooters this summer!