Peacebuilding Institute (PBI)

Peacebuilding Institute (PBI)

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Join us for a Peacebuilding Institute with Never Again Rwanda and Weber State University - Earn up to 12 credits in one or more participating departments.

In this study abroad, students will travel to Rwanda to participate in a Peacebuilding Institute (PBI) with Weber State University and Never Again Rwanda. Weber State students and Rwandan University students will work together for an unforgettable academic experience.  Through site visits, readings, lectures from specialists, and group discussions and activities, students will explore themes of genocide history and prevention, transitional justice, good governance and development. In addition they will develop skills in cross-cultural dialogue exchange.

For this course, Weber State has partnered with Never Again Rwanda. Never Again Rwanda (NAR) is a human rights and peace-building organization that was established in response to the 1994 genocide perpetrated against Tutsis to support young people and the population at large to become agents of positive change and to work together towards sustainable peace and development. NAR aims at empowering Rwandan youth and the population at large with opportunities to become active citizens through peace building and sustainable development. 

A student may earn up to a maximum of 12 credits depending on which courses they take and how long they stay.  Students are allowed to mix and match courses from various departments as long as they do not duplicate work. Students who are not attending Weber State University may enroll as a non-Weber State student and gain university credit.  The student is responsible for determining their home University's transfer credit policy and requesting WSU transcripts. 

The Peacebuilding Institute is offered each summer by Never Again Rwanda.  WSU credits may vary by semester - please contact Dr. Stephanie Wolfe ( for details of 2018 and beyond.