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Contemplating our next location

posted Jun 3, 2011, 7:20 AM by Budd Nash
One highly touted benefit of this Full time RVing lifestyle is the ability to just pick up and move whenever one wants to.  Less publicized is just how one goes about deciding "Where|!".  It's not like Captain Kirk when he just waves his hand and says "Out Yonder". 

It's more like shuffling a pile of curiosities, preferences and expense profiles together and then trying to find what satisfies but does not aggravate within a tolerable expense projection.  

Do we, at least, have some goals in mind?  Sure, big ones, like visit Glacier National Park, Mt Rushmore, YellowStone, Southern coastal Oregon, and many, many other places. Tacked onto the backside of each of these goals are  a list of constraints, like time of year, availability of suitable campgrounds, cost of fuel and campsites.  

Lesser desires are in a pile and are used to bridge from "here" to "there" once the major goal has been targeted.  So many lesser desires and so few convenient routes to the major goals keeps the pile of desires in turmoil as the "let's try this" engineering of a trip struggles to set a starting point in space and time.

I know it sounds hopeless and endless but I am very confident that the missing experience level we are presently on is making this a lot more about the technical tools.  Down the road, I am sure that a lot of this angst will melt into a smooth approach through this decision process.  Maybe the power of the anticipated cost will shrink.  Maybe the pile of desires will start to automatically tuck themselves in here and there as a route develops and the trip will mostly flesh itself out as it takes shape.

One thing we cannot allow is to become frozen in our track by our present lack of skill and familiarity with the process.  We must make some mistakes to discover what they can be and we must have some consequences to poor choices to learn what to look for, how to understand it, and what level of trust we can put on outcomes.  This is what will make this process easier, quicker, more definitive and, ultimately, more enjoyable.

I have it on good authority from other Full Timers who all started out like this, that time and gained experience will prevail once we have paid our dues and done the homework.  We just have to have faith and persevere until we get to that point.

At present, our destinations are so scattered by what we don't know that they range from Florida (in June!! Whew! ) to Colorado, to South Dakota, to Oregon. So far, a lot of brainstorming but not much choosing.  I think in maybe another 2 weeks we will be in a better situation to forge ahead with planning as we clean up our leftover todo lists.