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Plants are the source of natural medicines

Give an advantage to friendly medical herbs in your meals                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
Always start your healing using appropriate herbs in your daily diet - it will preserve your immunity system 
Salvia officinalis
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Your health: Can't stop coughing?
Kim Painter
"At this time of year, many of us talk about annoying coughs about as often as we talk about the weather".

Whatever the reason for your coughing is, the following advise will give you a remarkable relief.
Always start and end your days in a cup of herbal tea - and the best herbs with proven antimicrobial activities are those of the LABIATACEA family such as Salvia, Mellissa, Lavender, Micromeria or of the COMPOSITACEA such as Matricaria/camomilla.
Just try it and tell me more about that.
 New York Times

November 16, 2009, 4:01 pm

A Double Dose of the Cold


Christoph Niemann

In today’s “Really?” column, Anahad O’Connor explores whether a person can have more than one cold at a time. Read more:

These information rather emphasize and present further scientific data to the fact that we all born resistant. Did you know that susceptibility is an exception in nature and resistance is the rule?. It simply means we all born resistant. Mounting evidence suggest that animals including human being as well as plants, whether susceptible or resistant to certain diseases, all contain the  necessary genetic information for effective defense mechanisms.

Unfortunate, most of us have lost too much of our natural resistance, mainly by huge amounts of antibiotics. Certainly, every fever or cold that we get brings our body to a better immunized situation.


Activation of the gens for resistance is the kea for our health. Clearly, neither antibiotics nor pesticides are the natural and appropriate solution for disease control.


I always recommend: start your days with Salvia and always end with Melissa.
He, to the "blue-minded" among you, these are 2 different species of herbal plants belong to the mint family - Labiatae family. Esential oils of both   species contain phenolic compounds having high levels of antimicrobial effects. Therefore Salvia and or Melissa herbal tea several times a day can certainly keep you healthier.

Bacteria and Viruses are not the disease 

Indeed, there are more microorganisms in our body than there are people on Earth. In nature among these microorganisms, including bacteria, there “bad” and "good"  bacteria play an essential role in human health and in the functioning of all ecosystems.

Remember that whenever you take antibiotic to avoid the “bad” you probably be killing the “good” bacteria.

However, disease is not bacteria or viruses in our body but certainly our disability to activate our natural immunity system against these bad microorganisms.

We all were born resistant!!! The rule is simple: the more bacteria and viruses we get without using chemicals, the more our body become immune.

One more important point – when you got fever, it means your body reacting great, your immunity system is working correctly and fighting the invaders. Do not rush to chemicals, give your body the appropriate time to do the self healing.

 As physician and microbiologist Lewis Thomas reminded us, “The man who catches a meningococcus is in considerably less danger for his life, even without chemotherapy, than meningococci with the bad luck to catch a man.”