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Do you know that susceptibilty is an exception in nature and resistance is the rule?
We, therefore, all born resistant and can avoide diseases if we manage carfully our body.
A Chinese saying: The human being is digging his grave by his teethes. 
Therefor remember: your stomach is not a garbage tank.
Always start and end your days in a cup of herbal tea - and the best herbs with proven antimicrobial activities are those of the LABIATACEA family such as Salvia, Mellissa, Lavender, Micromeria or of the COMPOSITACEA such as Matricaria/camomilla.


Mellissa officinalis

Pediatrician Alan Greene, author of Feeding Baby Green said:

"With so many temptations, parents who want to raise healthy eaters need to expose their children to the sights, smells and feel of vegetables early and often". Greene also encourages parents to take children to farmers markets, letting them hold lumpy sweet potatoes and smell ripe peaches".

On the top of this basic and highly important advice, I am saying that in addition to routine vegetables, we must expose our children as much as possible to herbal plants which clearly contain most of the natural components that we all need to eradicate microorganisms causing cold and stomach and other diseases.

If you live in a place where you can grow your herbal plants in your small garden it will be great, but surly you can all do that just in pots located in a sunny area of your home, and expose your children to these plants. My children could distinguish plants belong to Labiates family – due to their special essential oils, as early as they start walking.

We all must remember that plants are the source of many natural medicines.

Keeping this in mind, always give an advantage to friendly medical herbs in your meals.

 Good luck.


Canada reports 'unusual number' of bad reactions to flu shots

Posted by Michael Winter, Nov 24, 2009

 World Health Organization GlaxoSmithKline H1N1

"The decision whether to get it, for yourself or your children, should be driven by facts and science, not advice from people who play doctors on TV or the Internet." This is the final conclusion of the article.

Unfortunate, most of us have lost too much of our natural resistance, mainly by huge amounts of antibiotics. Certainly, every fever or cold that we get brings our body to a better immunized situation. Therefore don’t panic!!

In any event, I always recommend, start your days with Salvia and always end with Melissa. This herbal tea will help you to be healthier and never cause "bad reactions". Surprisingly, in many cases, they can get you out of cold and other stomach problems.


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