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Induced Systematic Resistance

Did you know that plant immunization is a practical possibility?
This is apparent, in part, from the fact that Induced Systemic Resistance (ISR) can be obtained in susceptible plants against a wide spectrum of viral, bacterial, and fungal diseases by an initial restricted inoculation with pathogens or nonpathogens as well as by abiotic stress agents. 
Such ISR is similiar to vertebrate immunization and is opten referred to as plant immunization.
However, unlike the adaptive immune response of vertebrates, ISR of plants is mot specific with response to the inducing agent and challenging pathogen or the abiotic inducing agent.
 Mono-potassium phosphate (MKP) induces systemic resistance (left) against powdery mildew (right) in cucumber plants

Mono-potassium phosphate induces systemic resistance in cucumbers (right) and control plants (left) as documented

 4 days




8 days




 12 days


after artificial inoculation with powdery mildew