Welcome to the site of BZSupreme. You will find news, map release updates, ideas, tips, and other things on here. 

BZSupreme is a map hosting server for the game BZFlag. BZFlag is a 3D multiplayer game where the user drives around in tanks shooting his/her opponents. There are many styles 
of play in BZFlag. You can play CTF or Capture the Flag, FFA or Free for All, Rabbit hunt, and league play. League play is where you play in a league, not to get too technical. There is the GU League, the Ducati League, and the Open League. You will have lots of fun with this game.

Hosting - You're out of luck.
Admins - Not looking for admins! Do not ask!

Ports open - 

Important-- Server will not be running due to maintenance. Sorry for any inconvenience.