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The Importance of Telling Stories

It will be hard to imagine world civilization without tales from the past. Storytelling is an important skill for public speaking. You need to engage the audience if you’re to persuade them. If you’re thinking about taking up a leadership position, it will be a wise idea to invest in public speaking through the use of stories. Take note of the storytelling techniques next time there is a keynote speaker in your company’s event.

Why Are Stories That Important?

Stories have been used as teaching tools for centuries. Their impersonal nature appeals to the core senses of a human being because there is the empathy element. A person is more likely to engage with you when they feel that there is something you have in common. It could be a daily struggle or how you view life in general. Stories can be used to motivate the audience to take action.

 The ability to tell stories and to enjoy them is naturally tied to human cognition and there have been numerous studies to show the correlation. A person is more likely to respond to an advertisement when it is in a narrative form compared to when the message is just obvious from the onset. There are numerous studies that have also shown that a human is likely to accept ideas when the mind is in story mode.

Do We Remember Stories?

You’re more likely to remember a story compared to other sources of information. This has been proven fact yet a lot of speakers will not want to tell stories when presenting to an audience. The audience wants more than statistics. They want a personal touch because it is more relatable compared to the figures you could be reading them.

Tactical Tool

Storytelling can be an important tactical tool that lets you engage with your audience in a fragmented digital society. Depending on what you’re trying to achieve, storytelling will go a long way in ensuring that your intended message is reaching home. Your audience will not only be yearning for a different experience but different delivery as well. Storytelling will give someone a chance to listen to you regardless of the message that you’ll be trying to express.

Powerful Method For Learning

Even if you’re a leader, you should always be seeking ways to improve for the betterment of the organization. One of the things that makes storytelling memorable is it transmits knowledge and meaning. It is hard for people to forget the stories and they will always associate it with an individual or a particular brand. If you’re a marketer, you will be more aware of what is happening in the marketplace.

For a public speaker or a leader, storytelling should be in your arsenal. You will be required to speak often and people want raw emotion if you’re to appeal to them. There is no other way of expressing such than through stories. For more information on storytelling, you can check out:


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