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Overcome Perfectionism Before it Takes Over

Focusing on being perfect is going to be the problem with going forward with any sort of progress that you want to make. If you are sitting there and thinking about making the perfect pie, or writing the perfect sentence, or perhaps crafting the perfect speech, then you are going to be sad to know that this is not possible. It is not possible to be perfect, and when you are so focused on that, you are going to be focused on not moving anywhere. You're going to have a blank slate that you have been staring at for some time. Perfectionism is something that you won't have time for, which is what every good sales training guide says.

The pressure to be better, to do better, or to become something better has taken its toll on people out there who have already struggled to make it where they are, and know they have to be better somehow. 

This is causing too many problems instead of being creative, opening up, finding new paths and shortcuts, and actually getting somewhere. 

Perfectionism is Not Perfect

When you are a perfectionist, you try and try, as hard as you can. This is going to burn you out, because you have an idea of how something needs to be and if it is not so, you are going to keep repeating this until you get the desired result. 

If you don't?

Well, that means you're going to beat yourself up for some time because of it and you just might stick with this for a good while before you give it up. 

This means that perfectionism is a form of self-abuse. You are going to keep abusing yourself when you don't meet the guidelines or rules you set for yourself. This is anything but perfect, it is actually quite the disaster. 

Different Types of Perfectionists

There are three main types of perfectionists. 

  • Self-Oriented - They do things for themselves and they need to be perfect for themselves.

  • Other-Oriented - They do things for others and they need to fill others with satisfaction.

  • Socially-Prescribed - They feel that people have too high of expectations of them and are afraid of not meeting those expectations and the harsh criticism that might come from that.

Overcome your perfectionist mindset with these three rules that can ensure you break free from that particular mindset that might be holding you back.

  1. Admit you have a problem with perfectionism. 

  2. Stop beating yourself up and realize when you are doing this.

  3. Love yourself more, compliment yourself, know you are doing the best you can and know that your best is perfect. 

Knowing what you need out of life and out of yourself is going to go a long way when it comes to being able to enjoy life. No one is perfect, no one should have to be.

Learning how to sell something, but also work on yourself and hit goals, without being perfect can be done. You just have to find the right sales program that allows this creativity and way of thinking to flow. Visit to learn more.

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