Grade 5

Grade 5 Website (most recent information is at the top of this page) 

The Terry Fox Run is happening Thursday September 27th! Bring in your donation forms please :) 

Meet the Parent Night - Thursday September 20th! Looking forward to meeting my Grade 5 parents! 

Back To School BBQ: Wednesday September 12 :) 

'Character Books' Update: 

As discussed at the end of the last academic year, Mrs. Chhabra changed the character education workbooks. They have been taken off of all book lists for parents. New Character workbooks have been ordered through TPT(Teachers Pay Teachers) and the school will be providing students with workbooks each term. The cost of this (licences and photocopying at Staples) will be $20 per student for the year. It works out to be cheaper than the books they have purchased in the past. The new material is up to date and more relevant with our changing society. The payment should be made during the first week back to school. Thank you! 

Welcome to the 2018-2019 School Year! 

Hello Students, Parents and Guardians,

It’s that time of year again! My name is Seyna Ameree I am very excited to be Bond Academy’s Grade 5 teacher for the 2018-2019 school year. I taught Grade 5 last year and I loved the experience;  I can't wait to repeat it! I've also now been working at Bond for 3 years. Previous to Grade 5, I had the pleasure of teaching the Library and Computer Programs at Bond.

I completed my undergrad degree at the University of Toronto, majoring in History and English. Following my undergrad, I graduated from Queen’s University, receiving my Bachelor of Education. Before coming to Bond Academy, I taught Junior Kindergarten in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, for 3 years. I also taught High School ESL in Guangzhou, China, for a summer. I love teaching internationally but I’m also very happy to be working at an awesome school in my home city of Toronto!  I look forward to teaching this year's Grade 5 class as I know most of the students from my time in the library – you guys are a great group of kids! We’re going to have an amazing year. Together we’ll discover, explore and focus on doing our best!

I encourage open communication from both students and parents. Please feel free to address any concerns you may have throughout the year. You may communicate your  comments or concerns via notes in your child's agenda or by email. You may also visit me before 8:45 and after 3:45 to set up a meeting or have a quick chat.

On this website, I will provide updates on homework, upcoming quizzes/tests, school events, and other important information. Please check the website daily for the latest on Grade 5 news. If you have additional comments or questions, you may email me at  See you on September 4th!


Ms. Seyna Ameree, OCT

August 23, 2018

The Grade 5 Classroom Book List can be found under the Bond Academy website: Please make sure that your child's books are ordered and ready to be used for the first day of school, with the exception of the Science texbooks (unit books will be rented through the year for $10.00 a book), and the "Nelson – First Nations & European Explorer" which can be purchased in September at the school.

Along with our classroom textbooks, students are expected to arrive at school with the following writing tools and supplies in order to be successful. Please ensure that all supplies are labeled!

    -Many pencils (will need to be replenished through out the year as they break or disappear).
    -Erasers (many, as they also tend to disappear)
    - 1 30 cm Ruler
    -3 Coil-bound/regular binding notebooks (lined, 3 hole-punched)
    -1 Grid notebook or Grid Paper for math 
     -optional: additional lined paper or blank paper
    -1 Binder (2-3", 3 ring)
    -1 Math Geometry Tool Set (including protractor, ruler, compass, etc.)
    -Pencil Sharpener (as many as needed)
    -Pencil Crayons (as many as needed)
    -1 2017-2018 Agenda (for writing down homework and important events/deadlines)
    -glue stick
    -2 colours of highlighters

      Please ensure that your child has the list of supplies ready in their back packs on the first day of school :) Thank you for supporting their learning!

Check out last year's Grade 5 class video for President's Choice Foods! It was featured in Cineplex Theatres! So Proud :)