Ms. Van Wyck Home Drama Page 2018/19

Senior Drama Club grades 5-8 

First meeting Thursday Sept. 27,  8:00 am. , 2018
Come and find out more about our production that will take place on Feb. 13, 2019!!

Any students in grades 5-8  interested in being in our February Senior Drama Club  production should attend  club Thursday Sept 27 and Thursday Oct. 4th at 8:00 am. in order to learn more information about auditions, rehearsals, and our show. 

Those who decide to audition must be prepared to attend rehearsals Thursday mornings at 7:45 From Oct. 18 until our February 13th production. There will be some 7:30 am rehearsals scheduled in Dec. and January and February as needed. 

Primary Drama Club grades 1-4
Club will begin later in the semester .