Our Goals For Your Child In The First Year

1.      Our busy days start promptly at 8:50. We conduct our very important Morning Circle routine immediately following the playing of O Canada and the morning announcements. We stress the importance of arriving to school on time each day, so that your child may take part in discussions of current events, daily news from home, calendar, (introducing days of the week, months etc..) and our daily schedule. One of our goals for your child is that he/she will gain confidence speaking in front of the group, and willingly participate in group discussions.

2.      We hope that through daily practice, your child will learn how to independently dress himself/herself. When you are dropping off your child in the morning, please encourage your child to change into his/her indoor shoes on their own and to hang up their own jacket.

3.      Ongoing lessons of Grace and Courtesy is a huge component of the Montessori curriculum. We teach our students the importance of properly greeting their teachers in the morning upon arrival. Our goal for your child is that he/she will confidently enter the classroom each morning on their own and say ‘Good morning!”

4.      We will happily introduce new and engaging activities to your child everyday as we feel he/she is ready. Our goal is that your child will develop steady work habits and a genuine interest in the lessons presented.

5.      Our students are taught immediately that they must not touch materials on the shelves until being formally introduced. Our goal is that your child will listen to, follow, and understand this important rule.

6.      We never expect perfection from our students, however we do expect that each student tries their very best to complete daily tasks. Our goal for your child is that he/she naturally gains this sense of self discipline, and never uses the words, “I can’t.”

7.      The biggest goal we have for your child in his/her first year, is that they absolutely love coming to school everyday!