Important Dates:

Monday, March 4th- 5-8pm
- 5:00-6:30= Art Viewing in Upper and Lower Elementary Hallways- Entertainment provided by Junior Choir Buskers
- 6:30-6:45= Bond Concert Band welcome in Gym
- 7:00-8:00= A Visit to Broadway

*Wonderland Trip* May- Competition for the Senior Ensemble

*Year-End Concert* Wednesday, June 5th- 5:30pm= Primary & Junior Choirs, Montessori, Kindergarten, Grades 1-4
                                                                              7:00pm= Senior Ensemble, Band, Grades 5-8

Please check out the individual Choir/Ensemble pages for more details regarding extra performances, attire, workshops, etc.

Dear Parents, Families and Students of Bond Academy,

My name is Joey Herbison and I am thrilled to be teaching Primary Music and Junior/Senior Vocal Class in the 2018/2019 school year! This will be my first full year teaching at the Bond Academy.  We have a great year ahead of us filled with rehearsals, projects, performances and fun!

As a music teacher I believe that every student has the ability and right to learn. I strive to create a positive, safe, interactive, friendly and creative classroom. My experiences as both an educator and professional performer allow me to deliver relevant and quality training, while also exploring the life skills that are acquired through the Arts. 

Most of the work we do will be completed in class, but there may be some assignments and tests throughout the year that students will need to work on for homework.  Assignments and their due dates will be posted on each grade's link. 


Below is a brief outline of what to expect for your child this year:

Kindergarten/Montessori – Grade 3

Vocal classes will take place three times a week. We will begin with musical exploration using our voices, movement and small instruments. We will learn about the importance of music in our lives and will listen to and discuss a variety of genres. Students in Grade One and above will begin to learn basic music theory: note and rest values, dynamics, articulations, musical forms. They will also learn the basics of musicianship including rhythm lines, solfege and basic sight singing. 

Grade 4 – Grade 8

Vocal Music class will take place once a week. Students will build on the material covered in Grades 1-3 and will put these skills into action through performance practice and composition. They will learn about vocal health and pedagogy, music history, theory, musicology (analysis and research of music) and performance practice. We will learn a variety of choral pieces that explore unison singing, harmony and rounds. We will look at music from across the ages and from a variety of cultures.