June 21: Congratulations to Montessori 1's Third Year Students! Today was their graduation! Wishing each of them all the luck in Grade 1!
      Displaying 20170621_135524.jpg  Displaying 20170621_135250.jpg  Displaying 20170621_135111.jpg  Displaying 20170621_135435.jpg
June 13th: Today is our Parent Sponsored Staff Appreciation Lunch! Thank you to our Bond parents and family members for your generosity and recognition of our hard working staff! And thank you to our amazing Parent Council members who organized and set up the lunch all morning. So much delicious food and drinks - can't wait to feast! Mmmm!

Displaying 20170613_113110.jpg                     Displaying 20170613_113121.jpg                    Displaying 20170613_113114.jpg                                      Displaying 20170613_113221.jpg                  Displaying 20170613_113133.jpg                Displaying 20170613_113129.jpg
Displaying 20170613_115056.jpg                 Displaying 20170613_115106.jpg                 Displaying 20170613_115330.jpg

June 12th: The Grade 8 and Grade 1 students were reading buddies this year! Their partnerships have allowed Grade 1s to practice their reading skills with their older friends. The Grade 8 students were able to learn the responsibilities that come with mentorship. Today we celebrated our last reading buddies session with fun games!
                  Displaying 20170612_145302.jpg     Displaying 20170612_144406.jpg     Displaying 20170612_144413.jpg
June 9th: Sundae Fridays! The Grade 3 class won 2nd prize at the #iheartreading Door Decorating Contest and voted as a class to have sundaes and an extra recess! Mrs. Crokidas, our Grade 3 teacher, generously arranged it this afternoon! Students enjoyed delicious vanilla ice cream with fun toppings like marshmallows, smarties, skittles, sprinkles, cookies, cherries and chocolate and caramel syrup! What a hit! Thank you Grade 3 and Mrs. Crokidas for inviting me and other staff members to join in on the fun! Congratulations again to the Grade 3s for their creative door display!
Displaying 20170609_140949.jpg  Displaying 20170609_141147.jpg  Displaying 20170609_140528.jpgDisplaying 20170609_140525.jpg Displaying 20170609_140044.jpgDisplaying 20170609_135917.jpgDisplaying 20170609_140402.jpgDisplaying 20170609_140344.jpg

7M Bond Library Moments!

I love capturing students reading and working together!

Displaying 20170609_133636.jpg                              
Displaying 20170609_133543.jpg                                         Displaying 20170609_133530.jpg  
       Liam happily reading on his tablet!                    Wow Shima! Les Misérables is a French classic! Good for you!         Alex, Jatan, and Hussein working together to build the Diary of a Wimpy Kid Puzzle!

Continue to read with the Toronto Public Library this summer! While Bond Library has hundreds of material and resources, it's a great idea to connect with the Toronto Public Library. Students are encouraged to get their own FREE library cards if they don't have one already.

To get a library card, you will need to visit any library branch with valid and current name and address identification. For more information, please visit: http://www.torontopubliclibrary.ca/

To be eligible for a free library card you need to:

  • live in the City of Toronto
  • work in the City of Toronto
  • go to school in the City of Toronto, or
  • own property in the City of Toronto


Displaying 20170608_104831.jpg               Displaying 20170608_105611.jpg            Displaying 20170608_105618.jpg           Displaying 20170608_105626.jpg

June 8: Today the Kindergarten students enjoyed reading their favourite books outside! When the weather is this beautiful, we have library class under the sun! #outdoorlibrary

June 8th:
The Spring Concert is tonight! Looking forward to seeing every class perform!

Congratulations to all students and to Ms. Harvey!

June Scholastic Order Forms 

SENT OUT: Thursday June 8th, 2017 / DUE DATE:  Monday June 19th, 2017
Scholastic Payments can now be made ONLINE! (credit card needed)
2) Enter Bond Academy (City: Scarborough, not Toronto)
3) Enter Teacher Name: Diane Smith
4) Enter Parent Pay Code (printed at the top of catalogue order form)
5) Write Payment Reference Number
6) Complete order by handing form in to your child's teacher.

May 27th - June 25th:
The holy Month of Ramadan is here! During Ramadan, Muslims all over the world fast from sunrise to sunset and concentrate on their faith. Learn all about Ramadan
in "Celebrations in My World - Ramadan", "My First Ramadan" and "Ramadan".

                                  Displaying 20170529_103305.jpg               Displaying 20170529_103825.jpg              Displaying 20170529_110119.jpg

 Gardening Season is here! Start growing your May flowers with with the help of these great gardening books!

Displaying 20170525_235937.jpg

Teddy Bear Cuddles in the Library!

Displaying 20170524_125812.jpg                                          Displaying 20170525_161711.jpg                                    Displaying 20170511_162259.jpg
Emily and Janae enjoying a moment with
their bears - props for their Grade 8 "The Giver" skit.                     Sadie (1C) set up a book fair for the library bears!                  Cillian and Abagail are listening to audio stories with their Dr. Seuss Thing 1 stuffie!

Mother's Day is on Sunday May 14th! Celebrate Mom by reading one of these wonderful books with your family!
Displaying 20170511_091316.jpg
May Scholastic Order Forms 

SENT OUT: Wednesday May 3rd, 2017 / DUE DATE:  Friday May 19th, 2017
Scholastic Payments can now be made ONLINE! (credit card needed)
2) Enter Bond Academy (City: Scarborough, not Toronto)
3) Enter Teacher Name: Diane Smith
4) Enter Parent Pay Code (printed at the top of catalogue order form)
5) Write Payment Reference Number
6) Complete order by handing form in to your child's teacher.

April 26th, 2017: Tonight is our FAMILY NIGHT for the Scholastic Book Fair! Dinner will be served from 4:30-5:30 and then join us for fun games and activities in the gym from 5:30-6:30! Hope to see you all there :) Thank you for promoting literacy at Bond Academy!

                Displaying image1.jpeg

April 21, 2017 - Congratulations to all of our classes for participating in the #IHEARTREADING Door Decorating Contest! Students collaborated and decorated their classroom doors, using different art material and every door looked amazing in their own unique style! The contest was judged by Mr. Healey, Ms. Munro, Mr. Allen, and Ms. Chhabra - a big thank you to them! This contest helped to promote literacy at Bond Academy and was an exciting preview to this week's Scholastic Book Fair! The contest was divided into two groups. Here are the winners :)

Group 1 (Kindergarten to Grade 2):

1st Place: Grade 2

2nd Place: Montessori 2

3rd Place: 1C

Group 2 (Grade 3 - Grade 8):

1st Place: Grade 7

2nd Place: Grade 3

3rd Place: Grade 6

  Displaying image1.jpeg                Displaying image2.jpeg               Displaying image4.jpeg

The Scholastic Book Fair is back! This fair's theme is "Happy Camper"! The Book Fair will run next week - Monday April 24th-Friday April 28th! Family Night will also take place on Wednesday April 26th from 4:30-6:30 pm. 

On Family Night, we will serve dinner (a BBQ!) from 4:30-5:30 and camping related games and activities will be held in the gym from 5:30-6:30! Join us for a fun evening. All proceeds will go the Bond Library! 

Our goal for the Fair is to raise $2000.00 in sold books and related activities. Thank you for promoting literacy at Bond Academy! 

April Scholastic Order Forms (Orders for Grades 2, 3 and 8 will arrive shortly; Scholastic forgot to send them. Thanks for you patience!)
SENT OUT: Friday April 7th, 2017 / DUE DATE:  Friday April 21st, 2017
Scholastic Payments can now be made ONLINE! (credit card needed)
2) Enter Bond Academy (City: Scarborough, not Toronto)
3) Enter Teacher Name: Diane Smith
4) Enter Parent Pay Code (printed at the top of catalogue order form)
5) Write Payment Reference Number
6) Complete order by handing form in to your child's teacher.

Door Decorating Contest!

1st PRIZE: $25 Worth of Books for your Classroom, 2nd PRIZE: Class Choice (i.e. flip- flop day, movie day…students’ choice!),

 3rd PRIZE: Free Electronics Lunch Period for your Class!

CONTEST DEADLINE: Thursday April 20th (2 weeks to decorate!)

For more information, please contact ME - Ms. Ameree!

    Image result for miss peregrine's home Discover Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children - the first novel written by Ransom Riggs. This book was also made into a movie! Now available to borrow at Bond Library!
Thank you Mr. Farber for giving the Bond Academy Library "The Order of Canada in 50 Stories". This new book is a compilation of 50 stories that pay tribute to outstanding individuals who have inspired and shaped Canadian society.

Enjoy some NEW books in the Library :)
                           Image result for happy in our skin book    Image result for peppa's easter egg hunt  Image result for When Spring Comes book
March 20th: Goodbye Winter....Happy First Day of Spring! Hope everyone had a wonderful March Break!
Wishing everyone a safe and relaxing March Break! See you on Monday March 20th!          
 March 8th - Happy International Women's Day

CITY EVENT: Saturday, April 29, 2017 - 2:00pm: "The beloved Canadian story The Hockey Sweater is brought to life through music in the TSO co-commissioned work of the same name. Just in time for the 2017 Stanley Cup playoffs, this charming winter classic, narrated by author Roch Carrier, will appeal to all budding hockey fans. Suitable for children ages 5 to 12. Children under 5 may attend the TSO’s Young People’s Concerts with ticket purchase, at their parents’ discretion. Concert running time is approximately one hour."

For tickets, visit https://www.tso.ca/concerts

      Image result for tso symphony the hockey sweater

March Scholastic Order Forms
SENT OUT: Tuesday February 21st, 2017 / DUE DATE:  Tuesday March 7th, 2017
Scholastic Payments can now be made ONLINE! (credit card needed)
2) Enter Bond Academy (City: Scarborough, not Toronto)
3) Enter Teacher Name: Diane Smith
4) Enter Parent Pay Code (printed at the top of catalogue order form)
5) Write Payment Reference Number
6) Complete order by handing form in to your child's teacher. 
(requested by students)!
               The Giver first edition 1993.jpg          TheWitches.jpg       Me Llamo Bud, No Buddy/ My Name Is Bud, Not Buddy   Code of Honor     Adrift      Love, Lucas       Perfect
February 7, 2017: Time to test your knowledge! Join us in the library today at lunch for our second TRIVIA event! Grades 4-8 are welcome at 12:15 :) 
February Scholastic Order Forms
SENT OUT: Thursday, January 26th, 2017 / DUE DATE:  Friday, February 17th, 2017
Scholastic Payments can now be made ONLINE! (credit card needed)
2) Enter Bond Academy (City: Scarborough, not Toronto)
3) Enter Teacher Name: Diane Smith
4) Enter Parent Pay Code (printed at the top of catalogue order form)
5) Write Payment Reference Number
6) Complete order by handing form in to your child's teacher.
January 28, 2017: From our Bond family to yours, wishing everyone who celebrates a Happy Chinese New Year!
                    Image result for chinese new year dragon

January 18, 2017: This Wednesday (January 18th), we had the pleasure of hearing Lisa Bowen, a children's author, read her book "Eli's 1st Winter Carnival" to the primary grades. Our students had a wonderful time hearing the story. They also sang "Frosty the Snowman" and "Jingle Bell Rock". There was a Q&A after the story, allowing students to ask Lisa questions about her book and the writing process. 22 students ordered copies of Lisa's book and 7 lucky students won copies. These students had the opportunity to speak one-on-one with Lisa and have their copies signed! Our author's event was an inspiration to all of our primary students, allowing them not only the chance to hear a new story, but also to meet a real-life author, many never having met one before. Meeting an author makes the writing process, books and authors themselves accessible and 'real' to students. Also, author visits promote creativity and risk taking - allowing children to discover their own voices! We hope to have Lisa Bowen return to Bond soon and share her other books with our students!
Image may contain: 21 people, people smiling, people standing  Image may contain: 11 people, shoes  Image may contain: 2 people, people sitting
If you are an author of children's literature or know an author who would like to share their book with our school, please contact me at seynaa@web.bondacademy.ca
January 16th 2017: Today is Martin Luthor King Jr. Day. Martin Luthor King Jr. was an American man who believed that black and white people should have the same legal rights. He organized peaceful protests to fight injustice. He had the support of many people and became a leader of America's civil rights movement. Bond Library has books on Martin Luthor King Jr. Visit the library and learn his story, as well as those of other Civil Rights Movement leaders.
January 14th, 2017: Wishing all who celebrate a Happy Orthodox New Year!
January Scholastic Order Forms
SENT OUT: Tuesday. January 10th, 2017 / DUE DATE:  Friday, January 27, 2017
Scholastic Payments can now be made ONLINE! (credit card needed)
2) Enter Bond Academy (City: Scarborough, not Toronto)
3) Enter Teacher Name: Diane Smith
4) Enter Parent Pay Code (printed at the top of catalogue order form)
5) Write Payment Reference Number
6) Complete order by handing form in to your child's teacher.
Welcome back to school everyone! I hope all students and staff had a wonderful Winter Holiday!

A reminder: Next week, primary students (Montessori, Kindergarten, Grades 1-2) will have an Author Visit Event (Wednesday January 18th). If you would like to pre-order Lisa Bowen's book "Eli's 1st Winter Carnival", please return $10.00 with your child's order form to their teacher by January 13th. Lisa Bowen will happily sign your child's book at the event! Thanks :)
-Ms. Ameree

December 15: Cannot wait for the Holiday Concert tonight! Congratulations on everyone who is performing :) Even though we're having this big snow fall, the SHOW MUST GO ON! See you tonight!
FUTURE AUTHOR VISIT: On Wednesday January 18th, children's author Lisa Bowen will visit our school to read her exciting book "Eli's 1st Winter Carnival" to the primary classes. If you'd like to pre-order her book and have Ms. Bowen sign it at the event, please return $10.00 and your Book Order Form by Wednesday December 14th. Thank you!

December 10: Today is Human Rights Day. In 1948 the United Nations agreed on a set of Human Rights, practiced universally. The Bond Academy Library and Bond Academy recognize equality for all of our school members and strive to send this message beyond our walls.
Human Rights DayHuman Rights DayHuman Rights DayHuman Rights DayHuman Rights DayHuman Rights DayHuman Rights Day

December 5: Last week Bond Academy hosted our Fall Scholastic Book Fair! We had a Bookaneer theme! It was an incredible success. Thank you to all students, parents, staff and community members who came out to support the fair! The book fair promotes literacy at Bond and we're also able to raise funds for library resources. The total we raised (through Book Fair Sales and Family Night Activities) is $3350.40! On Family Night, we also broke a Bond record by raising $485 through activities and dinner! I'd like to thank all of our student and staff volunteers - couldn't have done it without our awesome team! Congratulations everyone!
Displaying 20161130_Fall Book fair (16).jpg Displaying 20161130_Fall Book fair (18).jpg Displaying 20161130_Fall Book fair (25).jpg
More photos of the Book Fair can be viewed on the Bond Academy Facebook site :) 
The Grade 6 class participated in a Book Fair Poster Contest. In computer class, the students designed posters to advertise the Book Fair. The students designed the posters in computer class, using their knowledge of Key Note, Pages, and Graphic Design. All the students created amazing posters but below are the designs of our top three winners! A special thank you to our judges - Mr. Kobylski and Mr. Poulin! 
 Displaying IMG_3195.JPG               Displaying BBBBBB.jpg                Displaying FullSizeRender.jpg
      Bay Shen, 1st Place Winner                 Lee Ghimire, 2nd Place Winner            Landon Haines, 3rd Place Winner
December Scholastic Order Forms
SENT OUT: Monday November 22nd / DUE DATE:  Thursday December 8th
Scholastic Payments can now be made ONLINE! (credit card needed)
2) Enter Bond Academy (City: Scarborough, not Toronto)
3) Enter Teacher Name: Diane Smith
4) Enter Parent Pay Code (printed at the top of catalogue order form)
5) Write Payment Reference Number
6) Complete order by handing form in to your child's teacher.
Wednesday November 30 will be Dress Down Day to support the Library! Students may dress up as PIRATES to celebrate the Bookaneer Scholastic Book Fair! ($2 per person, $4 for families).
Come to the Bond Academy SCHOLASTIC BOOK FAIR!
DATES: November 28nd - December 2nd
FAMILY NIGHT: Wednesday, November 30th (4:30-7:00) - Dinner, drinks and fun activities for the whole family! Tickets will be sold for dinner and activities (more details to come).
2016 Bookfair 
Remembrance Day is on Friday November 11. On this day we honour those who sacrificed so much to serve their country and those who risk their lives today to protect our world. If you have a friend or a family member who is a veteran or who is serving currently, I'd love to display their photograph(s) and information on our library bulletin board. Feel free to send me your photos, stories, and information via email (seynaa@web.bondacadmy.ca) or bring it in. LEST WE FORGET.
<!--:en-->The Poppy Trademark<!--:--><!--:en-->The Poppy Trademark<!--:--><!--:en-->The Poppy Trademark<!--:--><!--:en-->The Poppy Trademark<!--:--><!--:en-->The Poppy Trademark<!--:--><!--:en-->The Poppy Trademark<!--:-->
Wishing everyone a happy and safe HALLOWEEN!!

November Scholastic Order Forms
Grades 4-8 Forms Only (Scholastic has not sent order forms for Grades 1-3 yet):
SENT OUT: Wednesday, October 26th / DUE DATE:  Friday, November 25th
Scholastic Payments can now be made ONLINE! (credit card needed)
2) Enter Bond Academy (City: Scarborough, not Toronto)
3) Enter Teacher Name: Diane Smith
4) Enter Parent Pay Code (printed at the top of catalogue order form)
5) Write Payment Reference Number
6) Complete order by handing form in to your child's teacher.  

"Families are invited to join us at Harbourfront Centre on Saturday, October 22 from 12:00 - 4:00 p.m. for a free, fun-filled afternoon of storytelling, music, writing and illustrating workshops and demos, tech fun, puppet shows, theatre, magic, and author signings.Book Bash is a celebration of children’s literacy and the joy of reading, and we're thrilled to welcome some of Canada's most renowned children's authors, illustrators, storytellers and musicians."

For full schedule details, visit: http://www.torontopubliclibrary.ca/programs-and-classes/featured/book-bash.jsp

Oct. 19 - Join the Student Newspaper Club! Grades 5-8 are welcome to join and report on the exciting events happening at Bond! We'll be covering SPORTS, the ARTS, CURRENT EVENTS, and lots more! Students who would like to take photographs are also welcome to join! We'll also need students who enjoy drawing comics, designing newspaper games, and providing advice (help column!). Whatever your interest is, the newspaper club will have a spot for you! Practice your creative writing and have your name published in our monthly issue!
Ms. Metz and myself (Ms. Ameree) will be running the  Student Newspaper Club every TUESDAY at lunch (12:20-12:55)!
                         Image result for student newspaper club      Image result for newspaper boy   Image result for newspaper boy
Test your knowledge! Check out the Library's Halloween Trivia - posted on the Bond Library's bulletin board! Answers are under the questions! 
The University of Toronto BOOK SALE! Thousands of books at great prices - $1 and up! 
St. George Campus
East & West Halls
15 King's College Circle
Subway stop: St. George or Queens Park
  • Starts Friday, Oct 14, noon - 8 pm (Admission: $3 on Friday only. Students free with ID)
    • Saturday, 10 am - 8 pm (free admission)
    • Sunday, noon - 5 pm (free admission)
    • Monday, noon - 8 pm (free admission)
    • Tuesday, noon - 6 pm (free admission) - Most selections Half-price
    I go every year and leave with a box full!
    SCHOLASTIC BOOK ORDERS  (Payment Options: Cash, Cheque, Online)
    Three cartoon books stacked on top of each other
    September 26 - This week in the library we will be reading "Terry Fox - A Story of Hope" by Maxine Trottier. Terry Fox was a young Canadian man who was diagnosed with bone cancer. At the age of 18, his right leg was amputated and he learned to use a prosthesis (artificial leg).Terry had a dream to run across Canada and raise money for cancer research. On Thursday, Bond Academy will participate in the Terry Fox Run (Terry Fox National School Day Run)!
    "Even though I'm not running anymore, we still have to try to find a cure for cancer. Other people should go ahead and try to do their own thing now." - Terry Fox
    September 22: Wishing everyone a happy first day of AUTUMN!

    Image result for autumn

    Excited to meet parents and guardians on Meet the Teacher Evening - Thursday, September 22! Drop by the Bond Library and take a tour!
    Image result for parent teacher
    Scholastic Payments can now be made ONLINE! (credit card needed)
    2) Enter Bond Academy (City: Scarborough, not Toronto)
    3) Enter Teacher Name: Diane Smith
    4) Enter Parent Pay Code (printed at the top of catalogue order form)
    5) Write Payment Reference Number
    6) Complete order by handing form in to your child's teacher.
    Three cartoon books stacked on top of each other
    September 2016
    Hello Students, Staff, and Parents!
    My name is Ms. Ameree and I will be Bond Academy's new Librarian and Computer teacher for the 2016-2017 school year while Ms. Smith is on maternity leave. Being the reader I am, it is very exciting to fill in for Ms. Smith! I began working at Bond Academy last February as the Montessori 2 Assistant and Supply Teacher. Before working at Bond, I taught Junior Kindergarten in Abu Dhabi for 3 years. I cannot wait to start teaching and learning this Autumn at Bond (my first Autumn home in 3 years!).
    We have many new books this Fall, including new Scholastic Book Orders that will be sent home this week. Our Library schedule will begin next week, allowing students the chance to sign out books. Please return your books every week in order to borrow new ones.
    Computer classes have already started up this week. Students will learn how to use MacBooks and learn key skills (i.e. slide shows, EXCEL, email, internet research, and more!). I'll also be emphasizing internet safety / cyber bullying, ensuring our students surf online responsibly.
    Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me: seynaa@web.bondacademy.ca
    Thank you!
    Ms. Ameree

                                      Library Hours:

                      Monday 8:30 am-4:30 pm
                      Tuesday  8:30 am-4:30 pm
                    Wednesday  8:30 am-4:30 pm
                      Thursday  8:30 am-4:30 pm
                       Friday 8:30 am-4:00 pm

                                 Mrs. D. Smith -- Librarian.



    (416) 266-8878 ext. 137


    Our library is a hopping place, and we have A LOT of activities that run out of the library space.

    Listed below are the events and times when the library is pre-booked:

    Mondays 12:15pm-1pm: Book Club
    Wednesdays 12:15pm-1pm: Chess Club
    Thursdays 12:15pm-1pm: Junior Council
    Fridays 12:15pm-1pm:  Computer/Tech Club

    MON-THURS: 3:45pm-4:30pm : The library is open to all students who do not have to be in the Homework Room.


    Welcome to Bond Academy 2016!

    If you are new to our school, be sure to take some time to check out our library- It is jam packed with ideas that are both fun and informative.

    If you are a returning Bond student, take another peek at our new look :) The library has made some changes for the 2016 school year- I think you are going to love the new additions!



    There continues to be a lot of activities at Bond this month, so be sure to listen to morning announcements for new clubs and practices.

    Also, you can check out the school calendar on the Bond website for an updated list of all the activities happening in JUNE.



       Summer vacation begins on Thursday June 30th. ENjoy your holiday :)

     Our Mac Book Airs are available from 8:15 am- 4:30pm, Monday-Thursday and 8:15 am-4pm on Fridays. Students and teachers can utilize all fifteen Macs for homework or school-related purposes.

     The library purchased a new ink jet printer that has a wireless connection to all MACS in the library. 

    But this printer can do all sorts of things: scan, copy, and print photos.

    This printer is strictly for library users and is compatible with PCs and the school's MACS. Enjoy!
                       Are you a Book Worm?
    There are many opportunities for you to check out a book from our library in JUNE: in the morning, at lunch recess, during break, and after school. The library is available to you all day long!


    Students will have the privilege of bringing home their report cards on the last day of school. Good luck......



    Each month this website dedicates this space to birthdays.


    The Bond Library will continue to include Computer classes for Grades Montessori-8 in the 2016 school year. The library has been set up for the new classes. 

    I am excited to show you new online tools you can use to complete your school assignments...or simply have FUN!!!

    Assignments for Computer classes are designated by grade. 

    If you have any questions, please email Mrs. Smith at the above email address.

    Password Prizes

    I spend a lot of time updating the library website each month, and therefore, want to reward those who read the information on the site.

     You will have to search the site for the secret password this month...
    Good Luck!

    Parents, if you tell your child to come see me and say the secret password, I will reward your son/daughter with a prize!

    Prizes include everything from treats, to books, to bookmarks, to toys.

    Each month there will be a new password. 

    **Remember to keep this a secret.....



    I'm always reading a book because it is one of my favourite ways to spend my time.

    Right now I am reading "In the Unlikely Event" 

    This is a new read at the library, and I heard a lot about it, so I thought I would give it a try. 



    As most of you know, I am expecting a baby in July; therefore, this is the last month I will be the school librarian. 

    Once a replacement is named, I will update the site with the new information.

    Thanks for letting me be the Teacher Librarian for Bond. I have loved learning all about this position and having the opportunity to teach every student here at Bond. 

    I hope to be back in September 2017.

    Have a wonderful summer and 2016-2017 school year.




    New to Bond Library is our BOND KID'S BOOK REVIEWS!

    Take a look around the library to read the book reviews our very own Bond kids have written about various novels.

    If YOU would like to write a book review, than come on in to the library and ask Mrs. Smith for a Book Review card...the rest is up to you! 

    Kids have already begun writing reviews and posting those reviews for all to see.

    Update; There is a posted envelope with cards outside the library doors for you to fill out.


    The new Spirit Animals 2 book has arrived!
    ** It was purchased during the Book Fair!

    Look for our new section on books solely recommended by other Bond Kids.
    The book above is a perfect example!                          

    A new addition to our library, this book is getting rave reviews from our students.



    This space is designed for books that cater to the girls. The book above is a recent new addition to our library.


               NEWLY UPDATED!

    Displayed out in the hallway is a book wish list for you to fill out any time you want a book in the library that we don't have.


    This space is designed for books that cater to the boys.
    A Nexo knights book is a recent new addition to our  library.

    Stay tuned for new book titles to be added this month


      MORE EQUALITY.....

     We added some more books to this section:


    The last book is a new addition to the library. The story is about a Muslim girl new to the country and her struggle to fit into her new life. The book also has Arabic, so if you can read Arabic, you will like the English-Arabic contrast.

    All these books are currently available in the Bond library.



    Have an old Gaming system you would like to get rid of? The library is still looking to add a system and some games for our students to enjoy.


    Bond Picks Continues....

    Another new addition to our library is a table devoted to Bond Kid Picks. These books have been singled out by Bond students who have read and enjoyed certain books and want you to have a read as well!

                 SCHOLASTIC ORDERS 

                                  JUNE 2016

    The JUNE monthly catalogs will be sent out on 
    JUNE 3RD
    The return date is 
    JUNE 17TH

    Update: The June orders have arrived and have been distributed.


    ORDER ONLINE at scholastic.ca

    If you saw an item in the monthly reading club magazines you would like to order, you can now order online at:

     www. scholastic.ca 

    Follow the prompts for ordering online. It's easy and quick.  You no longer have to submit a cheque/cash.



    As per usual, Bond Academy will host a summer camp for any students who wish to attend. 

    Students can attend for a week, a month, or for the whole summer.

    Space is limited, so contact Mrs. Phillips if you are interested.


    68 days of Summer Vacation!!! 

     The last day of school is Wednesday June 29th. Bond teachers hope every student has a safe and happy summer.

    PSST: The first day of school is Tuesday September 6th (sorry!) lol.



    Movies, Musicals and More!

    Bond's annual Spring concert will take place on June 9th. 

    The primary/Mont concert is from 5:30pm- 6:30pm and the Junior concert is from 7pm- 8:30pm. 

    There will be student buskers during intermission. 

    See you there!




    This annual event will take place on June 16th in the front yard.

     There will be games, food, and activities for all Bond families to enjoy. Details will be available closer to the date. 



    Commitment forms for the 2016-2017 school year are due as soon as possible. Bond's enrollment is almost at full capacity for September, so if you are returning, you need to submit your form. password:baby.

    If you need more details, contact Mrs. Passmore in the office.



    The Grade Eights will be on their Graduation trip on June 20th to June 21st. They will be heading to Montreal this year. let's wish them a happy and safe trip!




    If you are a student at Bond, you have permission to check out TWO books at once!

    It is that easy! Come into the library today and see what we have....



    Bond's Annual Award Ceremony will take place on June 28th at 9am in the gym.

    All Bond parents and family members are invited to attend.


    Computers Link

     Below is the link to Mrs. Smith's Computer site:


                    Check it out!


    LIBRARY 2016

    Bond's library will continue to be open during lunch hour and after school for those Bond students who just want to take it easy.....


    Books, Books, Books!

    That is what we are all about!

    We recently ordered more than 300 dollars worth of new books!!!

    Here are a couple of new books we added to our library from the Book Fair in May:


    Bond kids are going crazy over these books. Come on in and check them out!


    Kids Magazines!

    Want a lighter read?
    Don't have a lot of time?

     In the New Year, the library has continued it's subscription to Chirp, Owl, and Chickadee.

    The JUNE 2016 issues of Chickadee, Owl and Chirp is currently on display in the library under the New Books section.



    The library receives weekly and monthly deliveries of magazines for you to read.

     We have: Macleans,Toronto Life, Sportsnet, Elle, National Geographic, and Fashion for you to enjoy. 

    Come into the library and relax in our new seating area. There are comfortable couches and lots of light. I look forward to seeing you! 


    These are just some of new and popular books that have been newly purchased/donated at the BOOK FAIR and displayed for JUNE in our library.

    See how cool it is here?
    You will never want to leave!!


    Helpful Links for Students

    Homework Help:

    There really is a BJ Pinchbeck and he started this website when he was nine years old with his dad.  You can find pretty much anything you're looking for here.    

    A reliable website for everything Canadian.

    This is a website organized by subject. 

    Students from grades 7-12 can log-in for realtime math tutoring from certified Ontario teachers. 

    This is an amazing website with lots of helpful links.  If you're having trouble reading the text, there's even a text to speech engine!

    Helpful links for adults:

    This is a Ministry of Education website for parents and guardians.  It features podcasts, links, and helpful tips about practical ways you can help your child succeed in school. 

    This is a great site with practical tips about how to include literacy in your day to day lives.  It's also paired with fun online games that you can play together.

    Some of the best sources for help with your child's homework and academic life are the other members of our school community.  Teachers, administrators, other parents and especially librarians are eager to ensure that all of our students succeed.  Just ask!

    This year, Father's Day occurs on June 19th. Make sure you take the time to tell your dad how much you love him on this day :). The library has a few books that pertain to Father's Day. Check them out in the library, or ask Mrs. Smith for details!



    Bond's first Computers Club will continue in the New Year.

    Our meetings in JUNE will occur every second Friday, in the library, from 12:15pm-1pm. These are our last meetings for the school year.

    Our June meetings are: June 3rd and June 17th.

    Students are encouraged to bring their own electronics to the meetings.

    The focus of the club is as follows:

     The older students will receive a more didactic approach to Computers club. For example, a parent volunteer has agreed to come to the meetings and discuss/teach such topics as: OS systems, how to take apart/put together a computer, how to use Word programs, navigate a MAC, and how to utilize web-based tools, to name a few. 

    The younger students (grades 1-3) aren't interested in these concepts yet; so for the most part, their involvement is gaming with their peers; however,  they are more than welcome to join the older students if they choose too.

    I look forward to seeing you there!


                              Athletic Banquet

    Bond Academy's first annual Athletic Banquet will take place on June 14th in the morning. 

    Tickets are on sale for $15.00 per person and are currently on sale. All students who participated o a sports team is automatically invited to attend.

    Awards will be given out at the ceremony as well.

    If you have any questions, you can contact Mr. Carney or Ms. Chhabra.

    Grade Eight BBQ- Fri June 3rd

    The Grade Eight class is holding a fundraiser BBQ on June 3rd to help offset the cost of their trip. Forms are available from Ms. Chhabra.



    Did you know? Mrs. Smith also teaches Computer classes to all Bond students.  So, there is a Computer website for you to look at as well! 

    The site details each grade's curriculum strands, long term lesson plans, weekly scheduling, and upcoming events in relation to computers.

    Make sure you CHECK IT OUT!

                      BASEBALL TOURNAMENT

    Bond's baseball team will play in it's annual tournament on Thursday June 2nd. Good luck to all our players.  Bring back the banner!



    The ever-popular Book Club will continue in the New Year.

     This year, the Book Club will be run by Ms. Sutton and Mrs. Copp 

    The book club is a huge hit among students who enjoy reading and look forward to sharing their ideas with others. This year, there is a new format 

     Listen for the morning announcement for details. 

    Meetings are held in the library on Monday at lunchtimes.

    Update: the Book Club has its own bulletin board! Look to see if your work has been posted....

    Grade Eight Graduation

    The Grade Eight Graduation Ceremony is on June 24th at 6pm. 

    A Graduation dinner will follow at Parkview Manor. 


    Stay tuned for more JC events and details....


    Thanks to the Parent Council, the library now has 4 Kobos for Bond students to share. 

    The Kobos are set up for all reading levels and age groups, and tie into the Toronto Public Library's Overdrive book system- meaning, you can access thousands of books - for FREE!! 

    See them on display in the library...

    KOBO 1-  Spirit Animals 1- Series 2

    KOBO 2- Big Nate- Fire Drill

    KOBO 3- Scorch Trials

    KOBO 4- Goddess Girls

    If you have any suggestions for new             E-books, drop by the library and talk to Mrs. Smith.

               CONSTRUCTION ZONE!

    The Bond Library had some ambitious developments during the 2015-2016 school year. I am happy to report that the following was completed last school year:

    - Hundreds of new books and materials- DONE!

    A projector with trolley cart- DONE!

    - A 32 inch flat screen TV- DONE!

    - Four bookcases for picture books-DONE!

    -A new ink jet printer- DONE!

    -  2 new bean bag chairs- DONE!

    - A new Router for the Library Network-DONE!

    - 4 new KOBO E-readers-DONE!

    What an incredible year!! The library added all these new additions to its space in one school year!


    Looking forward.....

    Okay, maybe not quite this drastic! 

    However, the library is continuing its renovations in the New Year.

    In 2016, the library is looking to add the following:

    1. A new software program will be added to help resource students in their studies.

    2. A new desk computer will be added that contains a CD drive.

    3. 2 new bean bag chairs. 

    4. New computer work desks. 



    PSST- NEW....

    A SECOND printer was recently added to the library set up. All Bond students can now access both printers to complete their work.

    Teachers:  A reminder there is a laminating machine and new laminating sheets in the library to help with your room decorations.

    With supervision, students are also allowed to utilize the laminating machine for their projects and assignments.

     Drop into the library and ask for details if you would like to have your class laminate some of their work.



     Interested in helping out in the library this month? 

    Mrs. Smith is currently in need of library volunteers to reshelve new and existing books 

    Drop by the library if you can help...



    Are you reading a book you love? Want everyone to know how much you like a book? Write a book review for Mrs. Smith and she will include your blog on the library website for everyone to read.

     You can also include a picture of yourself that can uploaded next to your book review :)



    I don't know why, but Bond Kids AND staff go CRAAAZZYY over cook books at our school! I can't keep these recipe books on the shelf!

    Update: Last week, I purchased a new cookbook to add to our collection. Look for it on display in the New Books section...


    Equitable and Inclusive Space

    We are all welcome and accepted in the library.

    The library allocated space devoted to gender equality.
    My goal is to bring awareness to many of the issues ourselves, and our friends and families, are facing day-to-day.

    I hope you look for, and are open to, reading the material that will be on display in the library.