5th Grade

6th Grade

Vocab Quiz is Fri on Ch 15 (North Africa and SW Asia)
Lesson Plans for Week

11/12/18 – 11/16/18

Social Studies - 5th Grade

Monday – Cereal Box due/ Read and discuss pgs 46-49 Peoples of the Northwest Guided Reading/ HW pg 9

Tuesday –
Notes on Sect 2/ Movie NW Tribes

Wednesday – Read and discuss pgs 54-57 Peoples of the Southwest/ Movie on SW Tribes

Thursday –
Notes on Sect 3/ HW pg 10

Latitude and Longitude Day 1

Social Studies – 6th Grade

Monday - Read and discuss pgs 426-430 Ancient Mesopotamia/ Visual Aids pg 430

Tuesday -
Notes on Sect 2/ HW pg 74/ Mr Nicky

Read pgs 19-27 in yellow/ HW pgs 20,23+26

Thursday –
Movie on Ancient Mesopotamia

Vocab Quiz Ch 15 – NE Africa SW Asia