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Cool Tools

Cool Tool Duel for Your School:

Twenty Tools, Two Geeks, Three Minutes Each.... 
The challenge is to present the coolest new tools
 for our schools. Come cheer on Vince and Sharon
 for a fun-filled hour of one-upmanship. May the
best geek win!

From Meaningful Learning with Technology:

"Technology cannot teach students. Rather, learners
teach the technologies. Meaningful learning will result
 when technologies engage learners in the following:

  • Knowledge construction, not reproduction
  • Conversation, not reception
  • Articulation, not repetition
  • Collaboration, not competition
  • Reflection, not prescription"
(p. 10 -David Jonassen, 2005)

Note: Many of these cool tools were originally shared
 on Edtechtalk Weekly webcast
 ( - 7 PM EST Sundays),
WOW2 webcast ( - 9 PM EST Tuesdays),
 and on twitter


Last to Know
Tool 1
Tool 2
Tool 3
Tool 4
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Tool 6
Tool 7
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Tool 9
Tool 10
Cool Utilities

Vince's cool tools:

Text to speech to mp3 to your ipod?
Songza The music search
engine & internet jukebox. Listen. Now.

Snagit: PC installed screen capture tool,
captures images, video and lots more ($)
Jing :
 The online screen capture tool

Venn Diagrams:
 quick and easy Venn
All kinds of graphs… of unique data

Excel: Excellent teaching resources for
 using excel

Live statistics page
How to site

Games for the brain:

MY Stickies:
some stickies to track online
 notes on websites
Online CEO:
 just because I can put on an
online to do list

best and quickest way to
send <100 mb files

Fun stuff
Million Dollar Homepage
We feel fine:
track everyones mood….
 (requires IE)
Don’t click it… Innovation in active computing

The visual search engine

All the advanced features in a page


create your own focus tools
create flowcharts

 suite of potential for your needs all
in a desktop

Portable Apps:
An alternative to computer
installed/web-based apps

An basic programming tool,
suitable for all levels (PC)

Visible Body:
The human anatomy inside out
 (requires PC and IE)


OpenOffice/Word/ Google Comparative