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Welcome to the RECIT workshop day of OSS and other great stuff!

May 28, RSB St-Lambert, QC

Workshops by Sharon Peters

Cool Tool Duel for Your School:

Twenty Tools, Two Geeks, Three Minutes Each.... The challenge is to present the coolest new tools for our schools. Come cheer on Vince and Sharon for a fun-filled hour
 of one-upmanship. May the best geek win!

Copyright Remix: Free and Open Content, Copyright Laws:

This session will provide access to sources of media (videos, images, etc.) that are free of charge and not copyright in the traditional sense. Guidance will be given
for how to use these free resources while respecting licenses such as Creative Commons and Copyleft. A discussion of key issues will also occur, such as ownership
of content when publishing with web tools.

Vince Jansen's Workshop:

OpenOffice/Word/ Google Comparative

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