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Los Angeles Times                 Christian Science Monitor

Boston Globe                          Aljazeera

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Islamic Scholars

Muslim Heritage - excellent site!

Great site on the scholars of Al-Andalus

List of all the scholars with brief summaries

Islamic Empire for kids

European Renaissance

General Renaissance:                                                                  Art:                                                                                              

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Overviews of both sides for the GMO Labeling Debate:

Excellent overview from Colorado State University

Overview of both sides based on California's Proposition 37

Excellent, in-depth review of issues related to the labeling debate with sources

Nice overview created by students!

Strictly Proposition:                                                                   Strictly Opposition:

California's pro-labeling website                                                Los Angeles Times official announcement on being anti-GMO labeling

Vermont's GMO labeling website                                               Monsanto's official stance

General GMO Safety Debate:

Pro-GMO information from the United Nations                         Anti-GMO information from the United Nations

Anti-GMO site with lots of links for further information              Excellent site for Pro-GMO arguments

                                               PBS links page with great sites and information for both sides

Also check the "Opposing Viewpoints" site, linked from the library's page!
This is just a small amount of what you will find on the web, but check the above sites first, so you do not get lost in cyberspace!

Prison Farm/State Farm Links:

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3

Link 4


Information about griots:

Information about Sub-Saharan Africa:


Zimbabwe and Kongo

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