Setting Things in Motion

This activity looks at three events early on in the American labor movement which had a great impact on the movement and in American history, in general. Explore the following sites and answer questions 1 through 6 in a google doc. Number 7 should be done on plain, white paper.


1. The Haymarket Affair -

2. The Pullman Strike -

3. The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire -


1. Where and when did this happen?

2. What was the company and industry involved?

3. How many people were involved? Who were some important individuals?

4. What was the grievance? (the issue the workers were upset about)

5. What was the outcome?

6. Why is this event considered very important in labor history?

7. Create a visual timeline of the major incidents of the event. Be sure to include the date, a brief statement about what happened and a visual representation for each event on the timeline.