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Change the World Project


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.  Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”                   

Margaret Mead


      In an effort to help you find and nurture the “thoughtful, committed citizen” inside of you, you will be participating in a yearlong Change the World project.  This project should be based upon a topic or issue about which you are passionate. Is there an injustice in the world that you think needs to be fixed? Is it pollution, deforestation, animal abuse, homelessness, world hunger?  What is it that really makes you mad?  Why wait for someone else to fix it?


               Project Guidelines

·        Your project must run for the entire year (September – June).

·        This must be non-profit. (You may not get paid for your work.)

·        You must work a minimum of two hours per month.

·        There must be an aspect to your project where you educate others about your issue. (Posters, presentations, radio, television!)

·        You may work by yourself or in a small group – no more than 4.

·        Each group member must keep a journal with monthly entries. See below.




                   Journal Guidelines

                        Journal entries must answer the following three questions every month:


     1.  What is your project? What did you do this month?  Be specific! With whom did you work?  Where did you go?  How long did you work on your project?

            *Note: many students spend too much time on this part of the journal entry. Though I am excited to read about what you did, this does not require a lot of thinking and reflection. The next two questions are far more important.


2.  Why did you do this? Why is this project/activity important?  Yes, you must answer this question each month.


3.      What did you learn from your project? (About your issue, the world, yourself?)

* Note: You must answer each of the three sub-questions. “Yourself” is the most difficult because it requires a lot of reflection, but this is where you grow as a person and I am most excited to read what you say in response to this question.



Journal entries should be at least 1-2 typed pages long. Use the format shown below. Journals are due at the beginning of each month.




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