Free Meals

Free and Reduced Price School Meals
Your child may qualify for free or reduced meals at our schools. You must complete a Free and Reduced Price School Meals Application, every school year. We advise parents to return the application within the first week of the new school year. Use one application for all of the children in your household. We cannot approve an application that is not complete, so be sure to fill out all required information. Your application and your child’s lunch status is confidential. You may apply for this benefits at any time during the school year. If you are not eligible now but have a decrease in income or increase in household size, or begin receiving 3SquaresVT (formerly Food Stamps) or Reachup, you may fill out another application at that time.
All applications must be printed on white paper. 
If you need assistance in completing the application or more information please contact
Laura Titus in our Central Office or 802-496-2272 ext.111.