Student Examples of POWs

Use these examples from Questers to help you with your writing.

Character Sketch

I would describe my character Mentor as energetic.  One piece of evidence that shows he is energetic is that in almost all of his lines he is yelling.  For example, one of his lines is "Sheep!"  I don't really know why he yells a lot.  The second piece of evidence is that my character interacts with other characters in a very powerful way.  He makes sure everyone can hear him.  Mentor is part of the crew.  He is a good friend of Odysseus'.  The last reason I think Mentor is energetic is because of the actions he makes.  He uses lots of crazy hand motions when he is yelling.  He makes fists and spreads out his hands.  Those are some reasons that I describe my character, Mentor as energetic.

My class is putting on a play about an Ancient Greek hero named Theseus, we each were  
assigned a character in the play. My character in the play is the “young man”, it is one of the tiniest parts in the play. The young man who I play is very naive. Here are a few reasons why I think the young man is naive. One reason why I think he is naive is that he washed the “foot washer’s” feet and he didn’t know who he was. Another reason why I think he is naive is that he listened to every thing the “foot washer” said, for example when the foot washer said “ I know what’s that over there” the young man looked back and got kicked off a cliff. The last reason I think the young man is naive is that he was easily tricked by the “foot washer” because when the “foot washer” said “oh my poor old  feet” the “young man” got tricked by thinking the “foot washer” was old and weak even though he was a bad guy. As you can see the “young man” is very naive

One way I would describe Hermes in the play would be helpful. The first reason I think he is helpful is because Hermes is a God sent by Zeus with Athena to help Perseus with his journey. Perseus has to find and slay Medusa to save all the people from turning into stone. The second reason I think he is helpful is when Hermes takes Perseus to the Gray sisters and the Nymphs to find Medusa and says, “Maybe I will help you on your journey, tuck under my arm and let’s go.” The last reason I think Hermes is helpful is because Hermes gives Perseus a sword that can cut through the hardest metal. Perseus then uses the sword to slay Medusa. Those are some reasons why I would describe Hermes as helpful. Hermes is a very likable guy because he helps everyone.

Compare / Contrast Paper

    I was in a play called Greek Heroes, and I played a role of a Townsperson. The Greek Heroes is a play about Perseus saving people from scary monsters of Greece. Perseus and Townsperson are very different and also similar.

    Both of these characters are the same because they are Greek males.Another similarity is that they also have houses to live in, not like monsters that live in caves and in the sea. They also share the same thoughts, they want all the monsters of Greece dead, so they will stop terrorizing people of Greece.

    Perseus and the Townsperson are very different because, Perseus is a Greek Hero and Townsperson is just a regular guy. Heroes fight monsters and Townsperson lives a regular life.  However the Townsperson warns Perseus not to go, because Medusa is so horrible, and could kill him, so the Townsperson is scared for him, but Perseus is willing and brave to set on this quest. So what I’m really saying is that the Townsperson is scared and Perseus is brave. Also Perseus was a son of a god and the Townsperson was just a son of a again regular father. It runs through the family.

    As you can see The Townsperson and Perseus want the same thing, all the monsters dead. Therefore they are very similar. On the other hand, one of them is brave, and one is a chicken.

King Aegeus and King Minos

One king is a father of a hero. A second king is an evil king that has a monster to kill children., I was in two plays, one about Perseus and one about Theseus. I played Hermes and King Minos in the plays. I will be comparing King Aegeus and King Minos, the two kings in the Theseus play.

Both kings are similar in different ways. One way the kings are similar is because they are both fathers. One had a son named Theseus and one had a daughter named Adrian. A second way they are similar is because they are both rich kings of a city. King Aegeus is the ruler of Athens and King Minos is the ruler of Crete. The last way the kings are similar is because both the kings live in Greece during the same time in history. Greece is to the right of Europe. Greece where a ton of monsters, gods and heroes live. Those are some of the reasons how both the kings are similar.

The kings are also different in many ways. One way they are different is because King Aegeus is nice while King Minos is evil. In fact, King Minos is so evil he sends young men and women to their death at the hands of the Minotaur. King Minos’s daughter thought he was so evil that she betrayed him to help Theseus kill the Minotaur. King Aegeus ruled with a fair hand and all his subjects respected him. Theseus loved and respected his father, King Aegeus, and wanted to be just like him. The second way they are different is because King Minos was a son of Zeus however, King Aegeus father was Pandion II who wasn’t a god. The third way both kings are different is because King Aegeus is a king of a land locked city called Athens. While King Minos is the king of an island called Crete. Those are some of the ways how King Aegeus and King Minos are different.

As you can see, as I read these two plays, I noticed many differences and similarities between these two kings. Even though they were both kings of ancient Greece they ruled with two very different styles. I looked forward to reading and acting in more plays in the future.