7/8 Soccer - Parent/Athlete Meeting Wed, August 21st, 6:00 in the CBMS Cafeteria

7/8 Cross Country & Field Hockey (at Harwood) - Parent/Athlete Meeting at the Harwood auditorium August 29th, 6:00-7:30

5/6 & 7/8 Football (at U-32) - Info at http://www.u32football.com/  (click on the "Middle School/Youth Program" link from the menu on the left)

Athletic Participation Requirements:
1) Each athlete must have a completed Participation form and Concussion Information Acknowledgement form turned in to his/her coach before participating in any practices or contests
2) A physical evaluation from within the past two years must be on file with the athletic director.

  • For Soccer, 7/8 Basketball, and Gymnastics, download the CBMS 7-8 Participation Form 13-14
  • For Field Hockey, Cross Country, Nordic Skiing, Wrestling, or Track, download the Harwood Participation Form
  • For 5/6 Basketball, download the CBMS 5-6 Participation Form
  • For 5-8 Football, got to http://www.u32football.com/ , click on the "Middle School/Youth Program" link from the menu on the left, and then click on the "Handouts" link
    Excerpt from U32football.com:
    In-person signups for 7/8 and 5/6 will be in August 8th from 5:30pm -6:30 pm at the Shapiro Building at U32 .  If you miss this, please fill out all forms in the packet and get them to Amy Molina at U32 ASAP.   The packet of forms will also be available on this site in the handouts section. Players wishing to wear their own equipment (helmet and shoulder pads) must bring that equipment in the first few days of practice so that the coaches can check for proper fit. Players not in the U32 school district but otherwise eligible to play, such as players from Montpelier, Waterbury, Plainfield, Northfield etc, have to pay a $80 fee to U32 and pay a totally refundable deposit which is returned when the equipment comes back.

General Info:
CBMS students have the opportunity to participate in the following activities:

Cross Country (grades 7 & 8, combined with Harwood students)
Soccer (grades 7 & 8)
Field Hockey (grades 7 & 8, girls only, combined with Harwood students)
Football (grades 5-8, combined with Harwood, U-32 and other Central VT schools)

Basketball (grades 5-8)
Gymnastics (grades 6-8, train at Central VT Gymnastics Academy)
Nordic Skiing (grades 6-8, combined with Harwood students)
Wrestling (grades 7 & 8, combined with Harwood students)

Track (grades 7 & 8, combined with Harwood students)

Vermont Concussion Law

As of July 1, 2011 Vermont law requires all schools (K–12) to educate their coaches, youth athletes and the athletes’ parents/guardians regarding the prevention and treatment of concussion-related injuries.  According to the law, information concerning the prevention and treatment of concussion–related injuries must be provided annually to each student athlete and the athlete’s parents/guardians. Each athlete and parent/guardian must sign a form (part of the Athletics Participation Form) acknowledging receipt of the information and return it to the school prior to the athlete’s participation in practice or competitions.

This information can be found on our Concussion Info page.