Talent Development

Welcome to the West De Pere School District Talent Development page. 

The School District of West De Pere is dedicated to being the best educational community by 
supporting the maximum academic, creative and social-emotional growth of each student, enabling 
her/him to succeed in, and contribute positively to a continuously evolving world.

● Meet the academic, creative and social-emotional needs of high-achieving students 
● Provide quality differentiated instruction for high-achieving students 
● Provide quality academic activities for high-achieving students to work together
● Develop an effective and respected program 
● Build community and parental involvement 

While all students have personal strengths, some have abilities and talents that go 
beyond the core curriculum. Such students often require access to differentiated or advanced 
curriculum in order to realize their potential contribution to themselves, the school and society. All 
children learn and experience success given time and opportunity, and the School District of West 
De Pere believes that all students, including those that are high-achieving, should be challenged and 
supported to reach their full potential.

Talent Development in the District