Welcome to West De Pere

The quality of teachers is the most powerful school-related determinant of student success.  Because of this, the School District of West De Pere is committed to mentoring and supporting new teachers.  In West De Pere, teacher mentoring includes:
  • An orientation program for teachers new to the district
  • Support seminars provided throughout the year
  • A variety of supports for the first three years of teaching
  • Professional Development Plan support
  • A focus on developing teacher skills and expertise in a non-evaluative manner
  • Mentors and mentees working in collegial teams
  • Training for mentors
  • Mentors selected for skill in content, pedagogy, and ability to coach and work with other teachers
  • Built-in time and multiple opportunities for new teachers to observe and be observed by others
  • Clear expectations and accountability of mentors and new teachers
  • Opportunities for guided reflection and self-assessment of practice
  • Emotional support provided by the entire learning community for new teachers