About the Renaissance Program

About Renaissance

Welcome to the webpage of the Renaissance Club of West Deptford High School. We are a club that is dedicated to empower students by encouraging them to boost their GPA, increase their attendance and improve overall school pride. We do our best to both acknowledge student's academic accomplishments as well as promote a love of learning and pride in themselves and our school.

We provide incentives to students on a marking period basis by giving rewards to those students who receive a Renaissance Card. Qualifications for this card are seen in the Student Handbook and are updated yearly. The qualifications as of the 7/2015 publication are:

The Renaissance Program recognizes, respects, and rewards academic achievement and good school citizenship for our students. The program provides students with incentives to achieve success academically, socially, and behaviorally. Students will qualify for recognition by maintaining good grades (with no failures), coming to school regularly and promptly, maintaining a clean, mature discipline record, and by contributing to the school community in some way. Students will have the opportunity to earn cards for different levels of achievement each marking period. The color of the card will entitle students to various incentives such as discounts to school events, discounts at participating Renaissance stores, luncheons, etc. The academic achievement levels criteria for earning a gold or silver card are as follows: 

1. 92 – 100 Weighted GPA (no grade below 83) 
2. Maximum of 1 absence/1 lateness per marking period 
3. Participation in school sponsored club, sport, or service organization 
4. No discipline referrals 

1. 83-91 Weighted GPA (no grade below 83) 
2. Maximum of 2 absences/2 latenesses per marking period. 
3. Participation in a school sponsored club, sport, or service organization 
4. No discipline referrals 

***NOTE: In the event that a student believes that he/she has met the requirements for one of the cards but has not received the card, he/she may meet with the assistant principal who will have the final decision in the matter.

We hold many fund raisers as a club to finance the incentives program, materials for cards and to share ideas and create projects to spread school spirit.