Batch and Serial Products

Batch and Serial Product control is a feature that is enabled in the RIO Inventory Configuration tab. 

This allows products to be marked as a Batch or Serial Type. 

These types of products will then be automatically assigned to Opportunities depending on:

  • The Batch Assignment Method at the Product level, OR
  • The Default Batch Assignment Method in the RIO Inventory Configuration.

Please include the required fields in the Product Page Layout:

Batch/Serial Type
  • Batch - Batch type products come in batches with a Batch Number. 
    • These products can be automatically assigned to Opportunities based on their Batch information, similar to how normal Warehouse Inventory is assigned by Default Location.
  • Serial - Similar to Batch products, but they use a Serial Number instead, and there can only be 1 Warehouse Inventory for each Serial Number.

Batch Assignment Method

When a Batch/Serial product is added to an Opportunity, it will automatically assign from the Warehouse Inventories that best match the Assignment method. 

If the best-matching Warehouse Inventory doesn't have enough available quantity, it will assign as much as it can from that Warehouse Inventory, and then start to assign from the next best-matching Warehouse Inventory. This continues until all the products are assigned.

Note: This assignment will only assign from Warehouse Inventories at the Default Location. You can still manually choose to assign from the other Warehouse Locations.
  • First In, First Out - Searches for the Warehouse Inventory with the earliest Created Date.
  • Earliest Expiry Date - Searches for the Warehouse Inventory with the earliest Expiry Date.
  • Smallest Batch Size - Searches for the Warehouse Inventory with the smallest Quantity Available.