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I tried to uninstall the program but I still see the folder and the process is also running in the system tray.

posted 20 Mar 2009, 00:22 by Mei Chan   [ updated 6 Apr 2009, 01:39 ]

In order for the program to be removed, you will need to exit the program completely via the System tray to prevent data inconsistency especially when the job is still running. This behavior applies to Windows system where some folders of the program remained as they are still occupied until the program is completely shut down.

I have accidentally deleted the default program name during the shortcut setup. How and where do I know if it's created?

posted 19 Mar 2009, 23:47 by Mei Chan   [ updated 4 Oct 2009, 22:48 ]

The default shortcut name may be deleted but the shortcut creation still proceeds. You would still be able to find where the program is installed if it's normally created. The program name that you will be looking for is "Start".

Detection of another program being installed in the system already.

posted 19 Mar 2009, 22:42 by Mei Chan   [ updated 19 Mar 2009, 22:44 ]

The Windows registry detected the same program installed the system. You can either uninstall the previous installation or continue on with the installation. The latter will only create another program for you which means there will be multiple RIOs in your system.

Pop up error box that states unfound JRE even though you may already have installed JRE.

posted 19 Mar 2009, 22:36 by Mei Chan   [ updated 6 Apr 2009, 01:44 ]

Even though you may have already installed JRE, the version that you have installed may not be compatible to run the program as required. The required version is Java 6.0 (JRE 1.6 minimal). For more information on the requirement and source to download, please navigate to our System Requirements.

Pop up error box that states unfound JRE

posted 19 Mar 2009, 22:28 by Mei Chan   [ updated 6 Apr 2009, 01:46 ]

This error occurs due to missing JRE within your system. You need to install Java JRE 1.6 and later in order for the program to run. To download, please visit our page on System Requirements.

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