About VYDC

The Vermont Youth Development Corps AmeriCorps State Program (VYDC) is a statewide national service program whose members serve at innovative, youth-focused organizations that address critical community issues. VYDC builds community support for prevention and intervention programs that help youth thrive and ultimately become healthy, engaged citizens. Through their efforts, members help communities embrace and value targeted, results-driven investment in youth initiatives.

Member service activities are designed to —
  1. 1. Help communities increase youth participation in quality activities that encourage healthy, active lifestyles; discourage unhealthy behavior; bolster success in school; provide job readiness; support youth struggling with emotional issues, including bullying; and support youth in military families, especially those with a deployed or recently deployed parent.
2. Help youth build connections to the community through service learning and increase their belief that they can make a difference.

3. Develop volunteer, program, and financial resources.

4. Help members gain professional skills and experience that will serve them in seeking meaningful employment, as well as develop a commitment to a life of active civic engagement.

In a typical day, members may create and implement effective, research-based programs; counsel youth; develop relationships and support within the community; recruit and manage volunteers; develop public relations tools; design and maintain databases and other operational systems; and seek in-kind and cash donations to ensure program viability.

VYDC is an equal opportunity national service program.

Please call us at (802) 229-9151 to request accommodations.