Williamsville Middle School Library

The 3M Cloud Library is for you!  Williamsville students can read books for free from their device;  just download the Cloud Library App!
Click here to learn how to set up your Cloud Library Account.  
You will need your library barcode and password to set up the account. See your librarian for that information.
Middle school students must have a signed permission slip turned in before they receive their barcode and/or password.
Download and print the middle school permission slip located at the bottom of this webpage.
SEARCH FOR BOOKS in the Library Catalog. The library catalog will tell you what books are in our library and other libraries. Mrs. Farris can help you if you have questions or need to order a book from another library. 

2018 Scholastic Book Fair
Book Fair information coming soon!

Researching on EbscoHost 
Accelerated Reader and AR Bookfinder   
Plan your reading with AR Bookfinder. Quiz information for fiction materials and many of the nonfiction books are recorded on the pocket of the book.   If you don' see the information use AR Bookfinder to help you!

Access  full-text
articles from more than 500 high-quality education journals.

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