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E-READING RESOURCES FOR YOU -- Aren't sure about accessing? Just ask!

and the 3M Cloud Library are for you!  Use this 
                      handy guide to get started.

                      Free e-Reading for Teens by bestselling YA authors

When research projects are assigned, you will want to:
  • Get your accounts set up for the library catalog and Ebsco Databases, so you can easily access these valuable resources not only from school, but also from your home and smartphones.
  • Take a look at this great video about the optimal ways to use Wikipedia for research paper assistance!  Take a look at another video about using Google Scholar
 Research Help:
Son of Citation s Machine -- MLA format, 7th ed.
Son of Citation Machine -- APA format, 6th ed.
REMEMBER: Always check to make sure your citations match the requirements set by your teacher(s)!
Questions? ASK your librarian.
You will want to know this before coming to the library from your Resource:
Sign up with your Resource teacher. Because no more than half the class can come to the library out of any Resource, you will want to know the following:
If you have work to do that requires using  online or library resources, get an ASSIGNMENT PASS from the teacher giving the assignment. This gives you first priority. 
You can sign up, get homework done in Resource and come to the library later on a pass, so long as there are more than 10 minutes left in the hour.
Carry your planner!

 Library Resources
Library Catalog   Get (and use) your library card and PIN from the library to make best use of the many resources available in and through your library and set up your own account. Your library staff can show you how!

Do you want to check and see if one of our other schools or local public libraries has a book you are needing? By typing in either the zip code 62693 (Sherman PL) or 62684 (Williamsville PL) (or simply increase the radius to get both) at I'll SHARE It, you can click and search other libraries one at a time and can limit the search to just the items in their collection, just as you can when you search our library catalog through the link above.
INTERESTED IN SETTING UP YOUR OWN LIBRARY ACCOUNT? It's simple! Watch this video to walk you through the process. NOTE: You must log into Google Chrome with your school log-in and password to have access to the video.
Having trouble logging into SHARE?  Be sure you know your username and password.  Even if you changed your username, the barcode will still work.  If you have forgotten your password, you can request it by clicking on "forgot password" from the SHARE login page.  The information will be sent to the email you have on file.  You may also request that your password be reset.  Please contact Mrs. Clow if you would like your password reset.
Ebsco Databases  -- Click here to access collection.    
Create your individual account by clicking on the "sign-in" icon, so you can log in and have a folder to hold and work on research. We recommend that you: USE YOUR STUDENT LOG-IN and PASSWORD! You can log in using this account, write and save notes, articles you are using, and more!  See the document at the bottom of this page titled,"Create an Ebsco Account."

Are you researching American history and looking for great resources, including primary sources? Take a look through the almost 8 million items in the Digital Public Library of America! 

Google Scholar -- Abstracts and, occasionally, full-text of research-level articles are available. Need the full-text of an abstract? Open the request form below, MAKE AND RENAME A COPY OF THE FORM before filling in the required information and sharing it with your library. We will do our best to borrow a copy of the article for you. 

Google Scholar Request for Full-Text of Article -- REMEMBER, MAKE AND RENAME A COPY OF THE FORM first!

OCLC FirstSearch -- Use this resource with the help of the library to locate sources for borrowing materials not listed in our library catalog or getting photocopies of articles not otherwise available.

Learn360 -- can be an excellent source for multimedia resources for your research projects. Each of you should have an account with Learn360 -- if not, please ask!

Not at school? If you have not set up your own accounts, you will need to get the school's generic user name(s) and password(s) to access these resources.

  For Teachers:
Please use this form to schedule time in the library and/or the library computer lab and to ask for equipment. It will be posted to one of the calendars below. Thank you!
WHS Library / Lab / Mobile Labs Calendar (Click on AGENDA in upper right-hand of screen for easier reading.)
Please take time to verify that there is no conflict and to check after you have scheduled to ensure that we have "pencilled" you in. 

Our Professional Learning Community  -- Links to resources, tools and more for your classroom and you.


 WorldShare ILL -- staff log-in required

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