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E-READING RESOURCES FOR YOU -- Aren't sure about accessing? Just ask!

    eReadIllinois gives you access to e-books from your device for FREE.  Ask your librarian how                                         to access this wonderful source OR read through this handy guide to get started.


Appropriate uses of the library:
  • Check out a book
  • Use SHARE  to locate a book
  • Use EBSCO for research
  • Read for enjoyment
  • Read for an assignment
  • Study for an upcoming test
  •  Work on homework- if you are working on an assignment with a friend, you will need a pass from your teacher indicating that it is okay for you to work with that friend.  If you don’t have a pass, you will work alone.
  • Type an assignment
  • Research a topic
  • Print an assignment


Sign up to come to the library with your Resource teacher. No more than half the class can come to the library at a time.

Bring your planner!

 Library Resources
Cloud Library where students can read books for free from their device;  just download the Cloud Library App!
Click here to learn how to set up your Cloud Library Account.  
You will need your library barcode and password to set up the account. See your librarian for that information.

SHARE Library Catalog   Get (and use) your library card and PIN from the library to make best use of the many resources available in and through your library and set up your own account. Your library staff can show you how!

SHARE is the name of the system we use to order books from libraries all over Illinois.  Your SHARE account can be set up using your Williamsville High School Library information.  Once you have set up your SHARE account, you can order books on your own to be delivered to the Williamsville High School Library.
Forgot your username for your SHARE account?
If you created an account already, but have forgotten your information, you can request it by clicking on "forgot password" from the SHARE login page.  The information will be sent to the email you have on file.  You may also request that your password be reset.  Please contact Mrs. Clow if you would like your password reset.
Ebsco Databases  -- Click here to access collection from a school computer.    
You can access the EBSCO databases from school OR from home.  If you access from school, no login information is needed.  If you access from home, you will need the username and password provided by your teacher. You may also create your own account in EBSCO by clicking on the "sign-in" icon, so you can log in and have a folder to hold and work on research. We recommend that you: USE YOUR STUDENT LOG-IN and PASSWORD! You can log in using this account, write and save notes, articles you are using, and more!  See the document at the bottom of this page titled,"Create an Ebsco Account."

Digital Public Library of America  Are you researching American history?  There are nearly 8 million items to view on this website.
Google Scholar -- Abstracts and, occasionally, full-text of research-level articles are available. Need the full-text of an abstract? Open the request form below, MAKE AND RENAME A COPY OF THE FORM before filling in the required information and sharing it with your library. We will do our best to borrow a copy of the article for you. 
WorldCat Discovery-- Use this resource with the help of the library to locate sources for borrowing materials.

Learn360 -- can be an excellent source for multimedia resources for your research projects. Each of you should have an account with Learn360 -- if not, please ask!

Riveted - Discover new YA reads, read books for free on your computer, tablet, or phone

Wikipedia - DO NOT use Wikipedia as a source for research papers., but learn how Wikipedia can be helpful in the research process.

Google Scholar video - use Google Scholar in your research.  Locate scholarly articles and find books you may want to order from SHARE.

Citation Machine - will help you how to site your sources.  Be sure you choose MLA or APA.

    Be sure to setup your own accounts for:
  EBSCO - databases
   SHARE - get library books from libraries in Illinois (and of course WHS)


  For Teachers:
Please use this form to schedule time in the library and/or the library computer lab and to ask for equipment. It will be posted to one of the calendars below. Thank you!
WHS Library / Lab / Mobile Labs Calendar (Click on AGENDA in upper right-hand of screen for easier reading.)
Please take time to verify that there is no conflict and to check after you have scheduled to ensure that we have "pencilled" you in. 

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