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Cloud Library
Williamsville students can read books for free from their device;  just download the Cloud Library App!
Click here to learn how to set up your Cloud Library Account.  

You will need your library barcode and password to set up the account.  Contact Mrs. Clow to get your information (clow@wcusd15.org)

Click here for ¨How to¨ videos for Cloud Library.
Please be aware that due to COVID, using the library during resource time will be limited and perhaps not allowed during COVID times for the 20-21 school year.

Appropriate uses of the high school library:
  • Check out a book
  • Use SHARE  to locate a book
  • Use EBSCO for research
  • Read for enjoyment
  • Read for an assignment
  • Study for an upcoming test
  •  Work on homework- if you are working on an assignment with a friend, you will need a pass from your teacher indicating that it is okay for you to work with that friend.  If you don’t have a pass, you will work alone.
  • Type an assignment
  • Research a topic

 Sign up to come to the library with your Resource teacher. No more than half the class can come to the library at a time.

Bring your planner!

For Questions Contact:
Mrs. Clow, HS librarian (clow@wcusd15.org)

Mrs. Swaney, district librarian (swaney@wcusd15.org)
Our Online Catalog
called SHARE

Students may order books through the Illinois Heartland Library System.  Students have access to 524 libraries throughout the state of Illinois.  They may order a book from one of our cooperating libraries through the online system. The book will be delivered directly to our school and given to the student by their librarian.

SHARE is the name of the system we use to order books from libraries all over Illinois.  Your SHARE account can be set up using your Williamsville High School Library information.  Once you have set up your SHARE account, you can order books on your own to be delivered to the Williamsville High School Library.

Please contact Mrs. Clow (clow@wcusd15.org) to get your library card number and PIN.

Get (and use) your library card and PIN to access the titles that are available for you to check out.

EBSCO ACCOUNTEbscohost is a database full of magazines, periodicals, books, videos to help with any research topic you can  think of.  

You can access the EBSCO databases from school OR from home.  If you access from school, no login information is needed.  If you access from home, you will need the username and password provided by your teacher. 

You may also create your own account in EBSCO by clicking on the "sign-in" icon, so you can log in and have a folder to hold and work on research. We recommend that you: USE YOUR STUDENT LOG-IN and PASSWORD! You can log in using this account, write and save notes, articles you are using, and more!  

Forgot your username for your SHARE account?

If you created an account already, but have forgotten your information, you can request it by clicking on "forgot password" from the SHARE login page.  The information will be sent to the email you have on file. You may also request that your password be reset. Please contact Mrs. Clow (clow@wcusd15.org) if you would like your password reset.

Click here to access the database list.  Choose Explora Secondary for HS resources.

If you would like access to EBSCO from home,  contact Mrs. Clow (clow@wcusd15.org) or your teacher for the username/PIN.

Research Sources:
Digital Public Library of America  Are you researching American history?  There are nearly 8 million items to view on this website.

Google Scholar video - use Google Scholar in your research.  Locate scholarly articles and find books you may want to order from SHARE.

Citation Machine - will help you how to site your sources.  Be sure you choose MLA or APA.

Reading for Fun Sources:
Riveted - Discover new YA reads, read books for free on your computer, tablet, or phone

Barnes & Noble Teen FictionThe Barnes & Noble free ebooks Teen category includes over 1500 titles that can be easily sorted by genre.

BooksShouldBeFree offers around 200 classic works in their Teen/Young Adult category.  While primarily an audio book site, they also provide links to reading versions at other sites.  Nice collection of classics.

Smashwords has close to 800 free book listings in its Young Adult or Teen category.   these are available for free online viewing or free download in a variety of formats.  These are generally unpublished works and unique to this site.  The site does also offer books for purchase, but all the works in this list are available for free.
  Mrs. Clow's Favorite Book

Mrs. Clow's Book Suggestions

Cross Creek by Majorie Kinnan Rawlings
Twilight by Stephanie Meyer
Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand
The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls
Wonder by R.J. Palacio

Useful Links

Teen Book Cloud  - grades 7-12 ebook database

Audio Book Cloud - all ages audio book database

For Teachers:
Please use this form to schedule time in the library and/or to use a chrome cart.
Chrome Calendar Check to see what carts are available for request.  Click on Week in the upper right-hand corner to view the entire week of requests.

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