Media Matters -- What Happens at Your Libraries

December News and the Necessary Numbers:

Sherman Elementary School's library was closed during the bookfair during the first full week of November. The Bookfair actually took place in the gym and was two times the size of the typical Scholastic Bookfair with three registers busy almost the entire time. Sales will enable the library to purchase a much-needed circulation desk and add many new titles to the collection for our students. Thank you so much for your support!  With the bookfair taking up a large part of that week and with Thanksgiving break, the library was open just 16 days.

Necessary Numbers: Fiction reading, as always, leads the "checkout" pack with 1220 books checked out during November, followed closely by Easy or Picture books with 931. Paperback checkout totalled 55, followed by nonfiction with 415 checkouts and 43 biographies. DVD and video checkouts totalled 15. The most heavily used areas of nonfiction were the 590s. The 500s in the Dewey Decimal System is the area commonly called "pure science," and, in that area, the science of all types of animals. Generally speaking, the scarier the animal, the better! Sharks and spiders are especially popular! Close behind the scary wild creatures are the books on domesticated animals (630s) and, this month, the books on anything mechanical (airplanes, automobiles) in the 620s. (The 600s in Dewey are what is called "applied science" -- how does man use what he has discovered or observed?) Faculty accounted for 61 of the checkouts during the month. Sherman ES faculty and students borrowed 78 items from other libraries and the elementary library loaned 46 items during November.

Williamsville Junior High, like the elementary library, held its annual Scholastic Bookfair during the first full week of November and, like the elementary, the totals were terrific -- a record-setter! Thank you, students, faculty and parents, for your support of the Penny Wars and the bookfair both!  The bookfair sales, including the proceeds from the penny war, were $3871.92. Each teacher in the building was given $25 in Scholastic Dollars to choose from the bookfair offerings, and the library was able to select many popular titles to add to its collection.

One of the student teachers at the junior high this semester generously donated more than 70 books to the junior high, and these were divided, as determined by content, between the junior high and high school libraries and a number were quickly snatched up through the library system exchange by other libraries in the Illinois Heartland Library System.

Because Teen Read Week was held during the bookfair, the library gave gift certificates to use at the bookfair to each day's trivia question winner. Questions were posed on popular books and the competition was fierce.

Necessary Numbers: WJHS students checked out 796 fiction titles, 86 nonfiction (most heavily used areas -- drawing and sports), 7 biographies, 2 magazines and 5 DVDs or videos. Students and faculty borrowed 105 items from other libraries and the junior high loaned 73 items. Faculty accounted for 77 of the checkouts.

Students utilized 52 passes and a total of 87 students were in during wrap-up, as were the Technology in Math students. 

Utilization of databases: EbscoHost products that include Student Research Center, History Reference and Science Reference Centers for high school, Middle Search for junior high and Primary Search for elementary, logged over 12,000 searches during November!  Students pulled up 1358 full-text documents and 11 videos on the collection of databases for reading in watching. 

Williamsville High School: During November, 65 classes plus students in for RTI or in working with instructional aides used the library. This accounted for a total of 1242 students or more than 73 each day. In addition, a total of 692 students during the month also came in on passes from Resources or approximately 41 each day, and 188 students used the library before or after school and during their lunch hour.  Faculty accounted for 58 checkouts. Displays included new books and, for those beginning to make college plans, a display featuring books about choosing colleges and filling out the required forms for admissions. 

The high school held its very first Scholastic Bookfair from Dec. 2 through Dec. 7 and did very well. The library will add approximately 40 books from the bookfair and was able to select more than 10 books to go into the Teen Gift Drive collection for Contact Ministries the second week of December.

Although the election feels like ancient history, it was just barely a month ago. The high school held a mock election using Google forms at the ballot. Other uses for the library through November included for tutoring, group work, individualized instruction, speech therapy, required sports' instruction online, Youth and Government, and testing. It was busy!

Necessary Numbers: Students borrowed 69 items from other libraries, checked out 93 fiction titles, 8 paperbacks, 82 nonfiction, 7 biographies, and, in house, used 153 items, including 140 uses of laptops, when the computer lab was in use. A total of 13 magazines were borrowed along with 10 DVDs or videos. The high school library loaned 79 items to other libraries.

Thirty-four items were added to the collection, including one import. Work continued on the purchase and addition of six pre-loaded eReaders to the junior high and high school collections for checkout and on developing the policies and required signed agreements for checking out the devices. 

The mobile labs were used by science classes, family and consumer science, and English classes, as well as, numerous times, in the library for overflow. A fourth mobile lab has been added, bringing the total number of laptops available to 44, and Chromebooks to 50. Mrs. Letterly talked with several teachers about utilizing Bookshare and worked with the two public libraries on several upcoming activities.
Nov 13, 2012, 7:08 AM