Preschool For All Screenings:
Preschool For All screenings will be held for children ages 3 and 4 years old on Thursday, April 27, from 8:30AM-2:00PM and Friday, April 28, from 8:30AM-12:00PM at the Williamsville Christian Church in Williamsville.  Children must be 3 years old or turn 3 by April 15, 2017.  There will be another screening in August for children who will turn 3 from April 16-September 1.  Screenings will last 30-45 minutes.  Children will be screened on fine/gross motor skills, speech/language skills, developmental concepts, and vision/hearing.  To schedule an appointment for your child, please call Sherman Elementary at 496-2021 beginning Monday, March 27 between 8:30 AM-3:00 PM.  In order to be screened, you MUST bring the following items: 

  • Proof of residency (even if there is a sibling in our district)
  • A current physical AND shot record
  • An official county certified birth certificate (available at the Sangamon County building)

Janis Lindsey, Principal

Thank you for visiting Sherman Elementary's Principal's website.  I hope you find this page to be full of helpful information.  If you ever have any questions, feel free to contact me by calling 217-496-2021 or by email at lindsey@wcusd15.org.

School hours

  • The office hours at Sherman Elementary are 7:15 a.m. -3:30 p.m.  Please remember that the students are not allowed into the building before 7:45 a.m.  If you drop your child off before that time, they are required to stand outside and are unattended. Only in cold weather will they be allowed into the foyer. 
  • Classes begin at 8:00 a.m. with the first bell ringing at 7:55 a.m.  Students are considered tardy at 8:06 a.m.
  • Preschool For All classes are from 8:00-10:30 a.m. for the morning class and 12:00-2:30 p.m. for the afternoon class
  • PreK5 and Kindergarten classes dismiss at 2:35 p.m. First through fourth grade dismiss at 2:40 p.m.

Y's Afterschool Program

The Y’s Afterschool Program is located at the Sherman Elementary School and is for students in kindergarten through 5th grade. Our program is modeled after the Food, Fun, and Afterschool program designed by the Harvard School of Public Health Prevention Research Center and the YMCA of the USA. We promote healthy life styles through physical activity and healthy snack. Other activities include group games, arts & crafts and homework assistance.     
217- 544-9846 x 135       www.springfieldymca.org

2017-18 Kindergarten Pre-registration

            Kindergarten pre-registration for the 2017-2018 school year is underway.  Parents are encouraged to come to the elementary office from 8:00 am-3:00 pm any day to pre-register their kindergarten age eligible child. It is extremely important in our planning for the next school year to have an accurate count of kindergarten students.

If you live in the Williamsville School District and have a child (or children) who will be five years old on or before September 1, 2017, please plan on pre-registering your child.  If at all possible (but not necessary to pre-register), please bring the following items with you:

·         Certified copy of your child's birth certificate

·         Proof of residency within the district (Copy of lease, mortgage, or tax bill)

·         Physical – a current one must be on file by the first day of school in August

·         Immunizations –a current one must be on file by the first day of school in August

·         Eye exam- a current one must be on file by the first day of school in August

Please continue to support SES by collecting and turning in the following:

  • Campbell's Labels for Education- Campbell’s will only accept the UPC code from participating products, which is usually outlined, along with the logo, with a black dotted line.   
  • Boxtops for Education1.  CLIP  Clip Box Tops coupons from participating products.  Box Tops coupons are found on 800+ products throughout the grocery store.  2.  SEND Send Box Tops coupons to Sherman Elementary.  The school will send them to General Mills.  3.  SCHOOL EARNS CASH   Sherman Elementary then receives a check.  Each Box Tops coupon redeemed is worth 10¢ -- up to $20,000 per school year!  For more information go to www.boxtops4education.com.

Interest survey for 2017-18 kindergarten families

This upcoming school year, Sherman Elementary is pleased to announce the possibility of an exciting program called PreK5, which will be open to children turning 5 years old by September 1, 2017. This program will be a bridge between preschool and kindergarten that will give children whose birthdays fall late in the year an opportunity to learn important academic and social skills in a hands-on way that supports their development. We are asking ALL parents of incoming kindergarten students to participate in an interest survey regarding this type of program.  Please visit the following link PreK5 Survey to take the 12 question survey.  We ask that you complete the survey by Friday, March 17, 2017.  To be considered for the PreK5 program, parents must pre-register their child.  Regardless of program availability, we are asking all parents to pre-register their kindergarten age eligible child so that we can plan accordingly with our staff needs.

*Disclaimer: In order for the district to hold the PreK5 Program, a minimum of 12 students must be enrolled each year.
This is important because kindergarten standards and curriculum have changed over the years, and many of the skills children were once taught in first grade are now expected in kindergarten. PreK5 is a wonderful new option thatwill allow families to give their children the gift of time to develop at their own pace and continue building the social, emotional and academic skills that will help them succeed in elementary school.
Using a unique, specialized curriculum based on the kindergarten standards, the PreK5 teacher will help children develop social skills through activities that build confidence and communication. They will expose children to reading and math in an exciting, interactive way.  The students will be using educational games to learn about words and sentences and to help them understand mathematical concepts like counting and patterns. The social, emotional and academic skills children learn in Pre-K 5 will help them succeed in kindergarten, become leaders in the classroom and confidently navigate the school day routine.
If you need more information or have issues accessing the survey link, please feel free to call me at 217-496-2021 or email at lindsey@wcusd15.org.  Thanks again for your participation in the interest survey.