Value Your Veggies

Did you know....

90% of children over 8 years of age do not eat the recommended daily amount of vegetables (3-5 servings)?

At least one quarter of the lunch and dinner plate should be vegetables, as shown on the USDA's new MyPlate?

Eating a variety of vegetable colors (such as red, orange, yellow, and dark-green) will help you and your children consume the many nutrients needed for good health?

Do you find getting your children to eat more vegetables and fruit a challenge?  Check out these 5 suggestions.

During a previous school year, we promoted several different vegetables in all three district schools.  The goal was (and still is) to encourage our students to taste and enjoy a variety of vegetables, both in school and at home.

Beginning in September of that year, we highlighted each of the vegetables listed to the right during the months given.  These vegetables were selected for several reasons:  They are high in nutrient content, are often not a commonly eaten vegetable by many of the students, and they are locally in-season during the two months we highlighted the vegetable.

New menu items using these vegetables were highlighted on the school cafeteria monthly menus.  Family-size recipes are available from this webpage for the new cafeteria items, as well as additional recipes to try at home.

Information about each vegetable is provided, including how to select the best quality fresh, how to store at home, and methods of preparation.

We would love to share your favorite family recipes using these vegetables! You may send your recipes to:  Pauline Osman, RD (, Food Service Director/District Dietitian, Williamsville-Sherman CUSD #15, 800 S. Walnut, Williamsville, IL 62693, at any time during the school year.  Please write whether or not you wish to have your name listed as the recipe contributor.

Bell Peppers (September/October)

Sweet Potatoes(November/December)

Winter Squash (January/February)

Green Leafy Vegetables(March/April)

Broccoli (May/June)