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Ashley Pasbrig
District Special Education Administrator 
217-566-3600 ext.2127

Sherman Elementary School

Special Education/Resource Teachers:

Lindsey Mundstock- mundstock@wcusd15.org

Rachel McClain- mcclain@wcusd15.org 

Aidan Faloon- faloona@wcusd15.org

Sherman Elementary School

Early Childhood/Preschool for All Teacher:

Clint Thornton - thorntonc@wcusd15.org

Rachel McClain- mcclain@wcusd15.org 

Williamsville Middle/Junior High School 

Carrie Warren- warren@wcusd15.org

Donna Powell- powell@wcusd15.org

Kathy Wilkins- wilkins@wcusd15.org

Williamsville High School Special Education/Resource

Kristie Casson- cassonk@wcusd15.org
Chelsey Smith- smithc@wcusd15.org

District Speech and Language Therapists

Pam McGhiey- mcghiey@wcusd15.org

Jamie Batesbatesj@wcusd15.org

District School Social Worker

Rose Ryan- ryan@sased.com

District School Psychologist

Vince Glaub- glaub@sased.com

District Occupational Therapist
Jon Zemsky - zemsky@sased.com

District Physical Therapist
Sheryl Frye - frye@sased.com

Hearing Itinerant
Mary Bolletta- bolletta@sased.com

Vision Itinerant
Shari Stahl- stahl@sased.com

STEP Coordinator
Tom Meyers- tmeyers@sased.com


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