Social Curriculum Steering Committee members for 2015-2016 include:

    Washington Central Leadership Team: Kelly Bushey, Cat Fair, Lisa LaPlante and Jen Miller-Arsenault
    U-32:  Ellen Cooke, Meaghan Falby, Scott Harris, Abbey Kalman and Cairsten Keese
    Berlin: Jessica Heinz and Kay McHugh
    Calais: Jamie Bohn and Mary Beth Langevin
    EMES: Mary Beth Langevin and Michael Sherwin
    Rumney: Sharon Grossi and Heather Robitaille

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Social Curriculum Steering Committee Meeting Schedule for 2015-2016:

  • Wednesday, September 23
  • Wednesday, October 28
  • Wednesday, January 27
  • Wednesday, March 23
  • Wednesday, April 27
  • Wednesday, May 25
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