This site has been created to communicate the work of the Washington Central Leadership Team in developing an implementation plan for the Washington Central Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) which are in alignment with Vermont's Education Quality Standards.  The SLO are separated into two main categories, Core Knowledge and Transferable Skills.  Our intent is to ensure that every student can demonstrate that they have meet the SLO, as defined in our standards and performance indicators that were developed by our teachers. 

During the past four years our teachers have been defining what a students need to know and be able in the Core Knowledge Outcomes through their work in separate curriculum committees (click here for a link to curriculum site).  During the 2015-2016 school year the Washington Central Curriculum Council and the U-32 transferable skills committee defined our transferable skills.  Along with that work, teachers at U-32 worked together to identify the standards and graduation performance indicators for all of the boards SLO.   

The boards have tasked the leadership team to develop a five year implementation plan for all students to meet the student learning outcomes.  This site is a place to learn about the plan, find the supporting details and learn about our progress.  

The Leadership Team has been working to link the mission and student learning outcomes to our everyday work.   Therefore the team had a book study during the summer of 2015 and determined that we should use the work of Rachel Curtis and Elizabeth City in Strategy in Action and Meeting Wise as a framework to develop the plan.   From the work of Curtis and City, we put together a checklist to help us through the process  We invite you to use the navigation buttons under the title, links within the pages and site map  to learn about our work.