PTNA Sponsored Programs

Programs PTNA has been involved in

  1. Arts Enrichment - The PTNA has provided funds for performances/residences or other enrichment activities for students.
  2. Teacher Reimbursement Fund - The group allocates $75 for each teacher to be used for miscellaneous expenses they incur in developing programs for the children.
  3. Clothing Closet -  The group maintains a closet with a large variety of donated clothing to give to students.  The closet is accessible by all staff members.  
  4. Swimming Lessons - During the summer, the PTNA coordinates sign-ups for two weeks of swimming lessons at First In Fitness.  The Berlin Rec Committee pays toward this program in an effort to keep the lessons affordable for families.
  5. School Yearbook - The PTNA sponsors and coordinates the activities necessary in producing a yearbook each year.
  6. Family Nights - PTNA sponsors many NO COST activities for families such as Game Night, Movie Night, Reading Night, Science Night, Halloween Family Dance and more
  7. Guidance Funds- The PTNA has allocated money, which is dispersed through the Guidance office for summer camps and winter purchases for families.
In order to have such programs, the PTNA does several fund raising events throughout the year. The events vary, but have included: t-shirt sales, wrapping paper sales, and seed/bulb sales.