Welcome to the Class of 2021!

Ninth grade is an important year for U-32 students.  They are ready for most of the challenges of high school, but they often can use a little help with the transition.  Enter the 9th Grade Team!

We have been meeting this summer to prepare for the changes in curriculum for new proficiency based graduation requirements.  We have also been developing and organizing how we will support students so that their transition to high school is a success.

This website is designed for students to find materials for their courses, but we also hope that parents and guardians will use it to learn more about what their son/daughter is learning.  Maybe it will spark an engaging dinner table conversation. 

We look forward to meeting you at Open House on September 8 at 6:00 p.m.

Here's to a fantastic year!

-The 9th Grade Team

Andrew Conforti (Special Educator) aconforti@u32.org
Janine Griggs (Special Educator) jgriggs@u32.org
Sue Anne Mayette (Special Educator) smayette@u32.org
Steve Barrows (9th Grade Literacy Lab) sbarrows@u32.org
Betsy Davis (Paraprofessional) bdavis@u32.org
Denise Dalmasse (9th grade Reading Strategies) ddalmasse@u32.org 

Kendra Christiana (Algebra) kchristiana@u32.org
Nick Holquist (Comp & Lit) nholquist@u32.org 
Nicolle Schaeffer (Global Studies)  nschaeffer@u32.org 
Alison Gauthier (Earth Science & Physics) agauthier@u32.org

Julie Kiefer  (Algebra/IDM) jkiefer@u32.org 
Erin Mooney (Comp & Lit) emooney@u32.org 
Grant Gunther (Global Studies) ggunther@u32.org 
Brian Albee (Earth Science & Physics) balbee@u32.org

9th Grade Team Tagul

9th Grade Expectations