School Board

The Woodstock Elementary School is governed by a Board of three community members elected to serve three-year terms. Board business is conducted according to Vermont's open meeting law, allowing for community participation and information. Currently, the Board members are Chair Jess Stout, Clerk Malena Agin and Paige Hiller. All WES Board Members are also part of the Windsor Central Supervisory Union Board. The WCSU Board meets monthly to discuss issues related to the supervisory union including yearly calendar, WCSU budget and WCSU staff.  Board members are available to listen to input and answer questions about Woodstock Elementary School.

The WES Board meets regularly, generally the second Monday of each month at 4:30 p.m. in the school library. A monthly budget and finance meeting is scheduled prior to regularly scheduled board meetings during budget preparation periods, generally December -April. Meeting notices are posted at the school, Town Hall, and at the Windsor Central SU office. Agendas are posted at Woodstock Elementary School, Windsor Central Supervisory Union and Woodstock  Town Hall. All meeting agendas and minutes are available at To confirm specific dates, please call the school at (802) 457-2522.

The elementary school budget is voted by the community at the annual meeting the Saturday before Town Meeting Day, the first Tuesday of March. The budget is prepared and discussed in monthly board meetings prior to Town Meeting.

Woodstock Elementary School Board: Meeting Schedule, Agendas, and Minutes (Click HERE)