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Support Services

Emotional and Behavioral Support
The Woodstock Elementary School Guidance and Counseling Program has a Family School Coordinator.  The Family School Coordinator works with children, teachers, parents and the community to assist students in developing their full potential.  One of the most important counseling goals is helping children form a favorable self image and give them confidence in meeting new challenges, both in and out of school.  The counselor may meet with students on an individual basis, in small groups, as well as with their family.
Educational Support Team (EST)
An EST exists at Woodstock Elementary School for the purpose of assisting teachers with the classroom accommodations and remedial services for children having educational and/or emotional needs.  A parent may indicate the need for assistance for his or her child and should contact the teacher who will refer the child to the team.

Remedial Support
Woodstock Elementary School offers assistance to children who are experiencing difficulty with reading and/or mathematics.  Remedial specialists work closely with teachers and parents to provide the most effective assistance for each child.
504 Accommodations
The Woodstock Elementary School district has a duty to provide a free, appropriate public education to all qualified handicapped persons who, because of a handicap require special education and/or related services.

Special Education Federal Law (P.L. 101-476)
All children with disabilities who qualify are entitled to special education and related services.  Woodstock Elementary School has special educators and supporting paraprofessional staff to assist students.  In addition, speech language pathology, occupational therapy and physical therapy are available for students needing these services.

Educate All
Woodstock Elementary School seeks to identify and locate every child residing within district jurisdiction who is not receiving a public education.  If you know of any person who may be a qualified handicapped person, and is not receiving a public education, please contact the Principal.

School and Community Activities
Below is a partial list of school and community activities that benefit children and families.  Please contact the school for further information.
Community Resources