The Road to Success Starts at WES!

Pic of the day!

Nature's Classroom at Old Orchard, Me
Kids having a ball. Adults not doing to bad either! Beautiful weather...beach gorgeous!

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School Expectations for Student Behavior

We are WES: 
We are safe!
We are kind to others.
We take care of materials.
We include others in work and play.
We make our best effort.

Upcoming Events
May 26 6th Grade Play @ Town Hall Theater 1:30pm and evening performance 6:00pm
May 26Incoming Kindergarteners Bus Ride 9am 
May 30NO SCHOOL Memorial Day 
Jun 1 3rd Grade Olden Days Celebration 
Jun 1 Inn Day for 6th Graders 
Jun  1-2 4th Grade overnight trip Bethany Birches 
Jun 2 5th/6th Grade to Shelburne Museum 
Jun 3 2nd Grade to MarshBillings NP 9:30-2:30 
Jun 3 Kindergarten Graduation
Jun 6    6th Grade Celebration 1:30
Jun 6 School Board mtg 4:30
Jun 7Step-up-Day and 6th graders to Middle School. Students go directly to WUMS. 
Jun 7 Last Day of School with dismissal at noon
Jun 7    Report cards will be mailed home

~ Cans for a Cause ~

Dear Families,

The student council at WES decided to make a committee to raise money for David’s House. David’s House is a place for families to stay as long as they need to while their loved one(s) is at DHMC (Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center) for an extended period of time. Our committee is collecting soda bottles, cans and tabs that we can bring to our local recycling center in exchange for 5 cents per bottle/can.

As you may remember, we did this same thing last year but only with the soda tabs. This year we have improved our fundraising goals. A soda tab is only 1/15 of a penny, and the can/bottle is 5 cents. It is a HUGE upgrade from just collecting the tabs. 1500 tabs is $1, and 1500 cans/bottles is $75!

If you have cans/bottles please bring them into school.  We have a collection bin in the entrance of the school for cans and bottles ONLY, NO TRASH PLEASE!

Thank you for your help with raising money for such a special place!


David’s House Fund Raising Committee

(Eric, Evan, Morgan, Daphne, Mateo)

First graders help put the raised bed gardens to bed!