6th Grade STEM EXPO Thursday May 25th 10-11AM & 6:15-8PM in Mrs. Kurash's room.
6th Grade vs Staff at handball. Fun time had by all.


May 19
2nd Grade to Marsh Billings

May 24
May Day Celebration
10am on the playground

May 25
May Day Celebration rain date.

May 25
6th Grade STEM Expo 10-11am & 6:15-8PM
in Mrs Kurash room.

May 26
District Chess Tournament in Barnard

Jun 1
6th Grade play @ Town Hall Theater 1:30 and 7:00pm

Jun 2
2nd Grade to Marsh Billings 8:30-11:00

Jun 2
OCP Mentor/Buddy Picnic

Jun 5-7
6th Grade to Nature's Classroom at Sargent Center, New Hampshire

Jun 6
4th Grade to Lotus Lake 7:45-3:00

Jun 6
5th Grade to Shelburne Museum

Jun 12
Kindergarten Recognition Celebration in the gym

June 12
Board Meeting in the Library 4:30

6th Grade Celebration

Jun 14
Last day of school