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It is a new school year! Our class website is always under construction. Stay tuned and come back often to see what's buzzin'! 
The first project students are posting is a nature/sculpture design.
Check each student's page to learn more about this awesome project.
January -  February 2019
Click on a link below to see the student's Makey Makey project. In order to appreciate this activity, the student will have their chromebook hooked up to the Makey Makey. Enjoy!
p.s. - Read the January newsletter for more specific information.

Poetry and Parts of Speech

Technology Standards 2013

Below are videos on famous Civil Rights Leaders.
You can also view these videos on each student's individual link from the sidebar list.

Asa philip randolph for web.mp4


George Edmund Haynes.mp4

Daisy Gatson Bates.mp4

Malcolm X.mp4


walter francis white.mp4

Jesse Jackson.mp4

Fannie Lou Hammer.mp4

Isaac Myers.mp4

Isaac Myers.mp4

John R. Mitchell Jr..mp4

Jesse Jackson .mp4

Malcolm X.mp4

My Video 2.mp4

W.E.B DuBois

social studies video.mp4

Sadie B.

Why are we the Barnard BEES? Well we are the Barnard BEES because in 1977 the 3rd and 4th grade class in Barnard Central School decided that it would be a good idea to make  the honeybee the state insect for the state of Vermont. So they went to the State Legislature. 
A bill was passed.

This is from 2017-2018 
Below is one example of a recent project the 5th and 6th graders accomplished.  Their videos were created on an iPad using BookCreator. Each student uploaded the html on their own page of this class website. 

Mrs. Boymer's fifth and sixth graders each have a page to display their awesome work for all to view.

Stay tuned all year to see more student reports, images, creations and more.

On October 12th the fifth and sixth graders went to the nature trail to take pictures with their nice new cameras.

Screencast video on how to get the html from Scratch to upload on the website. Created by a fifth grader.